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11 Best Ways to Fix Sam­sung Notes Not Sync­ing Issue

However, for some customers, Samsung Notes is not syncing with other Samsung devices, such as tablets or the OneNote software on their smartphones. If you are experiencing the same problem, the following remedies should assist you in resolving the Samsung Notes not syncing issue.

The Samsung Notes app users have reported receiving problems such as “can’t sync data” and “this app only syncs over Wi-Fi.” Many of them say that the notes do not sync and that there is no error notice shown.

Whatever the issue is with syncing in Samsung Notes, this page will provide you with solutions. Let’s get this party started.


Restarting your Samsung phone or tablet is the first step in troubleshooting. If you are syncing notes via a Wi-Fi network, you also need to restart your modem. To do this, disconnect the modem and plug it back in after 1 minute.


Most of the time, a bad internet connection is to blame for the sync issue. If you are using Wi-Fi and are experiencing problems, switch to mobile data and vice versa.

PRO TIP: Another simple workaround for network-related troubles is to place your Samsung phone or tablet in Airplane or Flight mode for a few seconds. This will allow you to reconnect to the internet.


You may be experiencing synchronization troubles with the Samsung Notes app, which is most likely due to a fault in the program. It will be necessary to update it to correct the problem. You may get the latest version from either the Google Play Store or the Samsung Galaxy Store.


If the date and time on your Samsung phone or tablet are inaccurate, you may have synchronization problems with the Samsung Notes app and other applications. Check to see that the correct date and time are shown on your smartphone.

To ensure that the right time is set, go to Settings > General Management > Date & time (optional). Select the Automatic date and time option from the dropdown menu.


For Samsung Notes to sync with Samsung Cloud, the sync setting must first be activated in the device’s settings. Alternatively, you will need to deactivate and re-enable it if it is already enabled. Let’s have a look at the procedures for each of them.

Step 1: Open Settings and choose Accounts and Backup from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Select Samsung Cloud, which is followed by Synced applications.

Step 3: In the synchronized applications list, scroll down to find Samsung Notes. Enable the toggle next to Sync under Samsung Notes, located in the Samsung Notes menu. If it’s already switched on, turn it off immediately.

Step 4: Restart the phone and turn on the same toggle switch previously used. Now, choose Sync from the dropdown menu.



Typically, the applications will sync to the Samsung Cloud only when connected to Wi-Fi. You may, however, adjust the settings to allow applications such as Samsung Notes to sync data over mobile data as well as Wi-Fi. If your notes aren’t synchronizing while you’re using mobile data, this option is most likely to blame.

Navigate Settings > Accounts, and backup > Samsung Cloud > Syncing applications for mobile data synchronization and check the box. Select Sync using from the Samsung Notes dropdown menu. Select ‘Wi-Fi or mobile data from the dropdown menu. Return to the previous screen and choose Sync.


Additionally, it would help if you tried clearing the cache for the Samsung Cloud and Samsung Notes apps. Clearing your store will not remove any of your previously unsynced data from your computer.

To clear the cache for Samsung Cloud, do the following steps:

Step 1: Select Settings, then Apps from the dropdown menu.

Step 2: Select Samsung Cloud, then Storage from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Select Clear cache from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Return to the previous screen and search for Samsung Notes in the list of applications. Tap on it, then choose Storage > Clear cache from the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Restart the phone to complete the process.


Users will read their Samsung Notes in the OneNote stream after Samsung and Microsoft have partnered to make this possible. The phrase ‘feed’ is quite significant. This is because Samsung Notes are not shown as standard notes in the OneNote application. It can only be seen in the OneNote or Outlook feeds, as we shall demonstrate further down.

Sync to Microsoft OneNote should be enabled in the Samsung Notes settings first, followed by Sync to Microsoft OneNote. Also, under the settings, you will need to pick the folders you wish to sync and modify parameters such as whether to sync using mobile data and Wi-Fi or only Wi-Fi and whether to sync when traveling. After you’ve made sure everything is set up correctly, click on the Sync Now button.

Then, using a web browser, go to and sign in using the Microsoft account previously created in Samsung Notes. At the top of the page, click on the OneNote feed symbol.

Your Samsung notes will be shown. Pick Samsung Notes from the Filter dropdown menu if you do not see them.

In the OneNote app, a feed similar to this one is accessible. However, not all users can read Samsung Notes in this location yet since the functionality is still in the process of being rolled out gradually. Furthermore, the notes are offered in an image format rather than the traditional text style.