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15 Tips to Make the Most Out of Your New iPhone

If you own iPhone 13, we have covered a few tips that will help you to make the most out of your new phone. From security to productivity, you will get to learn everything that will enable you to explore your iPhone to the fullest. 

Whether you want to add filters to your image, enhance privacy, or create your custom ringtones, the article includes easy-to-follow tips that you can explore for better usability. 

Let’s learn about these tips, but make sure to back up your phone so that you won’t end up losing data if anything goes wrong. 

Check Warranty

You might be thinking about why we have added this tip here on top of everything. Because we want you to learn about Apple’s extended warranty – AppleCare+. You will get three years of coverage, so you don’t have to worry if you need to get your phone repaired. 

Set Up Low Power Mode

Auto scheduling Low Power Mode will help you save memory as the mode is enabled automatically when your phone reaches a specified battery percentage value. The Low Power Mode controls background processes that prevent resources and battery drainage. 

Customize Safari Homepage

You can tweak the Safari start page on the iPhone by selecting sections like Siri Suggestions, Shared With You, Frequently Visited, Privacy Report, Favorites, iCloud Tabs, Reading List, and so on. More to it, you can select and set up custom wallpapers. 

Store iPhone Texts on Mac

Storing your text messages is important when you need to retain information for future projects. You can download texts from iphone to Mac using professional apps or you can screenshot text and save them as JPG on your Mac computer. 

Change Safari Design

iOS 15 includes this amazing feature that helps you tweak the design of your Safari app. You can position the Tab Bar either on the top of the page or at the bottom section. The “Allow Website Tinting” option will camouflage the URL bar in the background color of the website. 

Store Two Factor Authentication

Setting up two-factor authentication is essential for strengthening iPhone security. With Apple’s smartphone, you don’t have to install a professional app to store the one-time codes that you receive. The in-built feature stores the code alongside the Keychain password. 

Maximize Your Privacy

Turn on iCloud Private Relay to obscure your IP address and location. No one can track your online activities, such as the websites you visit or the files you download. Moreover, you can secure your iPhone and add privacy to the data to prevent unauthorized access. 

Hide My Email

The feature will require you to have a paid iCloud account. If you have one, the “Hide My Email” will let you create a separate email account for each site you visit. The advantage is that you can disable that particular account in case you start getting spam mail. 

Use Siri to Share Content

Siri, your personal voice assistant on iPhone, has become smarter than ever with better sharing capabilities and contextual awareness. So you can easily share content on other devices using Siri. If the content is not in a shareable format, Siri will send a screenshot. 

Capture Better Selfies

With new smart filters, Apple allows you to change the entire appearance of the images you capture. Photographic Styles gives you access to advanced filters that enable you to mute or boost colors in selected areas of the image. 

Turn on Dark Mode

Enabling Dark Mode on your iPhone will enable you to use your device with more convenience during the evenings. The system-wide Dark Mode turns the interface black or gray, and you feel more relaxed while reading an article or a blog at night time. 

Improve Passcode Security

For any digital device, setting up security features is a must. The improved passcode security on iPhone asks you to provide a six-digit password instead of a four-digit code. Make sure to enter an alphanumeric code for better security. 

Turn Off iMessage

As we have already discussed, security is paramount. iMessages connect your phone number and email address to the Apple ID as well as Apple servers. It is advised that you stop iMessages on Apple devices in case you are not using them. 

Skip Calls With Reminder

When you are busy in a meeting and not in the situation to attend an incoming call, skip the call and get iOS to remind you with a message to call back later. You can select from a variety of options to be reminded in an hour, “When I Get Home”, or “When I Leave”.

Create Custom Ringtones

The iPhone integrates innovative features that allow you to showcase some creativity. You can create custom ringtones by editing a music track from the iTunes library. More to it, create a shorter version of the ringtone, convert it from M4A to M4R and import the track.