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1Password vs. LastPass (2021): Which is better?

1Password vs LastPassLike IOS and Android, the rivalry between 1Password vs LastPass in 2021 has also taken place, and many users like us are confused about which one is better between 1Password vs. LastPass. Well, don’t worry because in this article you will get the answer. Furthermore, we will also compare them side by side to see which one offers the best security and discuss other factors. 

Survey shows that weak password is the only reason that in 2021 over 1Million social media accounts and more than 150,000 websites got hacked. So, nowadays, having a secure password is more than necessary for everyone. 

1Password vs. LastPass Features Overview

When it comes to a password manager, 1Password vs. LastPass are the only two competitors in the market. So, let’s compare their features side by side and see which one secures the battle for the no one spot. 


1Password LastPass
Ratings 4.7 Star 4.2 Star
Price It starts from 2.99/month It starts from 3.00/month
Encryption  AES 256 bit AES 256 bit
Platforms macOS, Windows, Chrome, Linux, IOS, Android macOS, Windows, Chrome, Linux, IOS, Android
Browser Extension Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari


1Password vs. LastPass: Which one is more secure?

In a comparison between 1Password vs. LastPass, both password managers offer a complete package when it comes to security. Both password managers operate in the same way. They send your data and password to their respective servers in encrypted form to increase security. 

But, the multi security factor gives an edge to LastPass.


Since 1Password vs. LastPass 2021 are the best password managers in 2021. So you can expect high-quality encryption from both of them. 1Password uses 256 bit AES encryption which is industry standard. 1Password makes this encryption on the other level by adding a 128-bit secret key on the top of the master key. So, the facts remain the same, Encryption 1Password offers the best encryption service. 

Please wait a moment, and the best encryption service does not mean we have declared a winner. LastPass also offers 256-bit AES encryption. At the same time, the cherry on the cake is their PBKDF2 on the top of their master key.

Multi-factor Security

In 1 password case, it requires two passwords on each device which makes him even more secure. Besides 2-factor authorization, you can also log in via different apps such as Microsoft Authenticator. You can also use Apple face ID to log in as well. So,  that’s what makes the 1Password unique.

LastPass also has multiple  Multi-Factor Security options. I can easily say that they offer most of the options as compared to the 1Password. The list starts with TOTP and goes to physical authenticators. You can also enable two factors for all devices that require TOTP, Biometric, PIN, and smart card.  While through face id if 1Password will allow you to unlock, on the other hand, LastPass offers a variety of 2-factor Authorization. 

Data Storage 

1password can hold your documents in a secure vault, and the limit goes for 1GB for individuals and 5 GB for business owners. You can secure one file up to 2GB, and there is much more flexibility. LastPass also offers 50MB of encrypted storage for free users and offers 1GB for paid individual users.

Privacy Policy

Although 1Password is a closed source project and all of its developers work under the same roof. According to their privacy policy, your data is stored in encrypted form on their servers, and no one can access them except you. 1Password is paid because they store your data to themselves and do not sell it to third parties.

While on the other hand, Lastpass has little or no information about them on their Privacy policy.

Third-party Security Audits 

There is no denying that in this decade, 1password is the best password manager in security audits because only in 2021 have they gone through 7 third-party security audits and cleared all of them. While on the other hand, LastPass has gone to 1 security audit only.  

1Password vs. LastPass: Which one offers better value for money?

LastPass offers excellent value for money because it gives a free trial of 30 days and offers a pass at a very affordable cost. While on the other hand, 1Password was way too expensive for an Individual. So, yeah, we can say that LastPass offers the best value for money. 

1Password vs LastPass

1Password vs. LastPass: Free vs. Premium plans

This question might appear in your mind when there are hundreds of free password managers available in the market; then, why do you need these two VPNs. The answer to your question is straightforward: these free password managers often sell your data to these third-party websites, and that’s how these works. If you don’t want to compromise on your data so ill recommend you invest your money in these premium plans. Here are the plans mentioned below. 


Version 1Password LastPass
Free Not Available 0.00$
Personal / Premium 35.88$/year 36.00/year
Families 59.88/year 48.00/year


1Password vs. LastPass: Which one is more user friendly

Web Client

Probably your journey will start with them via  WebClient. When you start an account on 1password, you are right to go. If you are a Web Client, it will automatically generate a 34 digit secure password. The same goes for LastPass.

Desktop Apps 

1password is available in different versions. For example, if you download a newer version, you get version 7, while if you are an old user, you will get version 4. Its desktop apps sport macOS, Windows, and Linux as well. 

On the other hand, LastPass has zero points in it. There is zero effort from LastPass, so in the desktop app battle between 1Password vs. LastPass, 1password is the winner.

Browser Extension 

If you think that through the 1paswoord extension, you can solve your problem, then be mentally prepared because it can be a little bit tricky because it comes in two versions.1Password X extension can only be run if you have a desktop app, and Mac and Windows can only run it. Furthermore, it does not support safari. Remember that it only works as the cherry on the cake with desktop apps but not as a substitute. 

Like a desktop app, LastPass does not have an extension, so it lacks it the same way as in browser extension. 

1Password vs. LastPass: Customer support

Since 1password has the image of a premium password manager and has always positioned itself as a premium Password messenger, it offers more when it comes to customer support. You can contact them on Twitter and Email as well.

In LastPass, if you are a free user, you can’t get access to customer support, but if you are a paid user, you will access their customer support. 

Final Verdict 

Yeah, I know it’s tough to compare the best among the best. But let’s sum up the whole article in just a few lines. We have compared 1Password vs. LastPass, and the LastPass has secured a few points. So, there is a clear win from the 1Password side.