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1Password vs LastPass (2022): Which is better?

Like IOS and Android, the fight between 1Password vs LastPass in 2021 has begun, and many users, like ourselves, are unsure which one is superior. Don’t worry, since the solution will be provided in this post. In addition, we will evaluate them side by side to see which one offers the most excellent security and examine other issues.

According to a survey, weak passwords were the only cause of over 1 million social media accounts and more than 150,000 websites being hacked in 2021. As a result, having a safe password is more than vital for everyone today.

1Password vs. LastPass: Which one is more secure?

When comparing 1Password vs LastPass, both password managers provide a comprehensive security solution. Both password managers work in the same manner. They transfer your data and password to their respective servers in encrypted form to improve security.

However, LastPass has an advantage because of several security factors.


Because 1Password 2022 vs LastPass 2022 are the finest password managers in 2022. As a result, you can expect both to provide high-quality encryption. 1Password employs industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption. 1Password makes this encryption a step further by layering a 128-bit secret key on top of the master key. So, the facts remain the same: 1Password Encryption provides the most exemplary encryption service.

Please wait a minute, and the most excellent encryption service does not necessarily imply that we have proclaimed a winner. LastPass also has AES 256-bit encryption. At the same time, their PBKDF2 on top of their master key is the icing on the cake.

Multi-factor Security

In the event of a single password, it necessitates two passwords on each device, making him even safer. Aside from 2-factor authentication, you may also log in using third-party programs such as Microsoft Authenticator. You may also log in using Apple Face ID. That is what distinguishes 1Password.

LastPass also offers a variety of Multi-Factor Security solutions. When compared to 1Password, they quickly provide the majority of the alternatives. TOTP is at the top of the list, followed by physical authenticators. You may also activate two-factor authentication for any devices that need TOTP, such as biometrics, PINs, and smart cards. While 1Password will enable you to unlock using facial recognition, LastPass provides a choice of 2-factor authentication options.

Data Storage 

1password may store your documents in a safe vault, with a 1GB limit for individuals and a 5GB limit for business owners. You can protect a single file up to 2GB in size, and you have a lot more versatility. LastPass also provides 50MB of encrypted storage for free users and 1GB for paying individual customers.

Privacy Policy

Even though1Password is a closed source project with all developers working under the same roof. According to their privacy policies, your data is saved on their servers in encrypted form, and no one may access it except you. 1Password charges a fee because they keep your data private and do not sell it to other parties.

Lastpass, on the other hand, offers little to no information on them in their Privacy policy.

1Password vs. LastPass: Which one offers better value for money?

LastPass provides exceptional value for money since it provides a 30-day free trial and a pass for a meager rate. On the other hand, 1Password was too pricey for an individual. So, yes, we can conclude that LastPass provides the most excellent value for money.

1Password vs. LastPass: Free vs. Premium plans

This issue may arise in your mind because there are hundreds of free password managers accessible on the market; thus, why do you need these two VPNs? The solution is simple: these free password managers often sell your data to these third-party websites, which is how they function. If you don’t want to give up your data, I propose investing in one of these premium plans. The plans are detailed below.


Version 1Password LastPass
Free Not Available 0.00$
Personal / Premium 35.88$/year 36.00/year
Families 59.88/year 48.00/year

1Password vs. LastPass: Which one is more user friendly

Web Client

Your adventure will most likely begin with them through WebClient. You are ready to proceed after you create an account on 1password. If you are a Web Client, it will create a 34-character safe password for you. The same is true with LastPass.

Desktop Apps

There are many versions of 1password available. For example, if you download a newer version, you will get version 7, while an old user would receive version 4. Its desktop programs are available for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

LastPass, on the other hand, has no points. LastPass does not attempt, hence in the desktop app contest between 1Password and LastPass, 1Password wins.

Browser Extension 

If you believe that the 1paswoord addon may help you solve your issue, be psychologically prepared since it comes in two variants. The 1Password X extension can only be used if you have a desktop app, and it is only available for Mac and Windows. Furthermore, it is incompatible with Safari. Remember that it only works as a bonus with desktop programs and not as a replacement.

LastPass, like desktop software, does not have an extension; therefore it lacks it in the same manner that a browser extension does.

1Password vs. LastPass: Customer support

Because 1password has the image of a premium password manager and has always positioned itself as a premium Password messenger, it provides more customer assistance. You may reach them through Twitter and email.

If you are a free user of LastPass, you will not have access to customer assistance; however, you will have access to customer help if you are a paying subscriber.

Final Verdict 

Yes, I understand how difficult it is to compare the best. But let’s summarise the whole essay in a few paragraphs. We compared 1Password vs. LastPass, and LastPass won by a few points. As a result, 1Password has a distinct advantage.