Independent Rejects Union Supporters’ Ad

Friends of the Missoula Independent Union,

As our Friday vote approaches, we continue to be overwhelmed with the support we’ve received from Missoulians, Montanans and unions from around the country. We’ve been especially grateful for the support of many former and current Indy workers. A group of them got together and pooled their resources to buy a half page ad in this week’s paper.

Their money, apparently, is no good here. They were told that Lee VP (and publisher for Lee’s Missoula properties) Mike Gulledge refused to approve the ad for publication. That’s $800 he was willing to turn away to keep our readers from seeing this ad.


Look at all those great Indy alumni. A former editor-in-chief, pillars of the Missoula music community, a candidate for the statehouse, J-school instructors, and heck, even a member of Silkworm who’s been a freelance contributor.

Thank you all so much for your support,

The Missoula Independent Union Organizing Committee

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