Hi, friends and supporters of the Missoula Independent Union,

We want to thank you all for everything you’ve done and said over the last week since Lee Enterprises locked us out of the Independent offices, deleted the Indy’s website and redirected it to the Missoulian and shut the paper down. The fact that so many of you showed up to our Keep Missoula Indy First Friday event at the Union Club and to the lawn of the Missoulian last week was just more evidence of how rare and close the relationship between the Indy and Missoula is.

Here are a few news stories that ran last week in the wake of the sudden closure:

How Missoula lost its Independent (The Inlander)

Lee Enterprises closes Missoula Independent (The Missoulian)

Another alternative weekly shuts down, this time in Missoula, Montana (Los Angeles Times)
On lawn of The Missoulian, dozens protest Missoula Independent shutdown (Montana Kaimin)
Missoula Independent Supporters Protest The Paper’s Closure (MTPR)

The paper may be closed for now, but we’re all still here. Longtime Indy contributor Sarah Aswell is running local arts coverage on Medium as the Missoula Tempo. You can follow the Indy’s editorial staffers/union members on Twitter: Derek Brouwer, Erika Fredrickson, Charley Macorn, Alex Sakariassen, Susan Elizabeth Shepard.

We also have a Friends of the Indy Staff Facebook page set up to keep in touch. Please feel free to contact us through this email address with any questions. We still believe Missoula can support independent journalism and would love to hear what you think.

Thank you,

The Missoula News Guild

(P.S. Thank you, Notorious P.I.G.)