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3-Time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo to Launch NFT Collection

Jorge Lorenzo, a three-time MotoGP world champion and retired Spaniard, is starting a clothing line called NFT. MADworld and Animoca Brands are collaborating with Lorenzo on this new endeavor.

There will be NFT airdrops and other interesting freebies in the coming weeks for the X-Fuera collection.

Jorge Lorenzo’s X-Fuera – Important Details

X-Fuera will include a variety of NFTs, according to MADworld. Some of these will be used in a racing metaverse game that is currently under development. MADworld is actively working on the P2E game and plans to integrate it into a larger racing environment in the future.

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Some of Jorge Lorenzo’s most spectacular racing moments will also be included in the X-Fuera collection.

It is hoped that the three-time MotoGP champion would use the metaverse’s capacity to provide fans across the globe with a unique and immersive experience of some of his biggest racing triumphs.

X-Fuera: Launching Lorenzo into the Metaverse

MADworld also plans to sell NFT-backed riders and superbikes under the X-Fuera collection, according to what we’ve learned so far. They will be incorporated into the racing environment of MADworld. Currently, the goal is to have 9,999 superbikes and 9,999 riders available.

However, interested gamers must combine a rider and a superbike in order to have access to the game’s playable characters. At least one driver and one superbike from the collection must be selected. MADserums, the third pair of NFTs, is required to connect a rider to a superbike.

3-Time MotoGP World Champion Jorge Lorenzo to Launch NFT Collection

In addition, Jorge Lorenzo is expected to introduce patented physical-to-digital NFTs. MADworld hopes that the change will better connect the racer’s real-world and metaverse digital identities.

For example, the X-Fuera collection will include NFTs made from Jorge Lorenzo’s tiny helmets and other racing memorabilia. In the near future, MADworld hopes to uncover further usefulness for NFTs.

Important Airdrop Dates

An airdrop by MADworld will take place over the course of the next several days. The X-Fuera Riders will be the first group to be included on the debut release. This drop will allow for the launch of up to 9,999 NFTs. Second, there will be a separate drop of 9,999 NFT superbikes.

The MADserums will be included in the third drop. The MADworld racing ecosystem’s playable characters cannot be unlocked without these NFTs. Finally, there will be NFTs of Jorge Lorenzo memorabilia and race-related things in the final drop.

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This tangible memorabilia will be the subject of an undetermined number of NFTs. However, this is most likely to be the most restricted group.

In the days ahead, we’ll learn more about the airdrops and how to take part. Additionally, the X-Fuera line will be available soon.