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Activate Velocity Com on Multiple Streaming Devices!

Velocity com is a “masculine” car network. The First 24-by-7 HD cable network was Discovery HD Theater. HD channels were linked. Discovery bought Activate Velocity com, which became MotorTrend.

This is a spinoff of Motor Trend. The channel shows auto and motorsports. We cover activation of this channel in this post. Here’s how to activate Velocity Com.

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All About Velocity Com:

Velocity is available on satellite, cable, YouTube TV, Hulu With Live YouTube TV, and AT&T TV. Visit to install on Apple, Roku, FireTV, and Android TV.
Velocity is a “masculine” automotive network. First 24/7 HD cable network: Discovery HD Theater. Previously, affiliates carried HD. Discovery rebranded Velocity as MotorTrend. Programming includes motorsports. Velocity is available on Fubo, Hulu with Live YouTube TV, Philo, Sling TV, AT&T TV, and some cable, satellite, and IPTV.

Activate Velocity com

Velocity Com Android TV Activation:

  • Android TV Play Store speed apps. Install Play Shop on your TV.
  • Type “Motortrend” if “Velocity” doesn’t find the appliance.
  • After installing speed, sign into the TV app (if prompted).
  • Open a computer or mobile browser with the activation code.
  • Type in your browser.
  • If’ activate doesn’t work, visit
  • Copy the activation code and click Activate. Android TV Velocity activation is on-screen.

Velocity Com Roku Activation:

  • Launch Roku.
  • “Home” opens the home screen.
  • Tap ‘Streaming Channels’ then ‘Roku store’
  • Find Motor Trend.
  • Start the Roku app.
  • Motor Trent logins generate activation codes.
  • is online.
  • Velocity Channel activation page.
  • Enter your Velocity Channel code.
  • Click “Activate”
  • Activate Motor Trends/Velocity by following the prompts.

Velocity Apple TV Activation:

  • Start with Apple TV’s App Store. Find the app using App Store Search.
  • Find and install the programme.
  • Next, log into Velocity and open the TV app. Copy the login code.
  • On your phone and computer, visit
  • if your Activation page isn’t
  • Click Activate after pasting the 7-digit code.

Velocity Amazon FireTV Activation:

  • Amazon Fire TV activation.
  • Find Motor Trend.
  • Once found, click Install.
  • Launch the app.
  • An activation code appears after opening the app.
  • Remember code.
  • Visit
  • Velocity Channel activation page.
  • Enter your Velocity Channel code.
  • Click “Activate”
  • To activate your channel, follow on-screen instructions.

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