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Why Was I Banned From Omegle And How to Unban from Omegle?

In certain circumstances, persons become banned from Omegle because they are reported by another user. This can be totally justifiable. If someone using the monitored video or text chat is being abusive or is harassing other users, it’s typically only a matter of time before they get banned from Omegle.

You enjoy chatting with strangers on Omegle, but one day you get a notification that you’ve been blacklisted. Relax and inhale deeply. Good news. Unbanned from Omegle is simple — all you need is a VPN. Let’s begin.

unbanned from Omegle

What Is Omegle? is a free video-chatting service that allows users from all around the world to chat via video or text.

Thousands of individuals are always online, so random video chats are always available.

No account or personal information is required to utilize the site. If you’re a college student, you can use your university email to connect with other students.

The founders of Omegle think that meaningful discussion may transcend geographical and other barriers. Strangers meeting on the website has bloomed into professional, emotional, and romantic relationships in the last decade.

Why was I Banned from Omegle?

Omegle watches video talks. While it states it is not responsible for its users’ actions, it uses technology and a team of moderators to ensure users have a nice overall experience.

The following are some reasons why Omegle may prohibit users:

1. Users Typically “Drop” You

If other users abandon your conversation more frequently than other users, Omegle assumes you are a troll out to bother other people.

Moderators must work hard to keep Omegle a safe place for stranger chats. While this metric isn’t 100% dependable, Omegle is a social site, and frequent drops are considered as abuse.

Also, if you drop other users too frequently, you will be perceived as not wanting to engage and “spying” on other users, which may result in a ban.

2. You Were Reported

If you offend someone and they report you, you could be banned. Omegle moderators are expected to verify reported bad behavior.

In actuality, they are notorious to act too quickly on the information. Occasionally, reported incidents  go uninvestigated.

It’s possible a stranger misinterpreted something you said or did… If so, you were banned without breaking any website rules. The inappropriateness is subjective, so always try to be respectful when speaking on Omegle.

3. Violation of Omegle’s Terms

Using Omegle can get you into a lot of trouble. They include plainly abusive behaviors like nudity and spamming other users.

But the restrictions forbid you from playing copyrighted music (basically any song) while chatting.

Someone can report you for breaking the T&Cs and you can be banned for it. A moderator must decide if there were any terms of service violations.

Important: You can have “adult” chats in the 18+ portion of the site. You will be banned if you do not follow this rule.

How Long Do Bans Stay on Omegle?

Omegle restrictions range from 7 days to 4 months. It’s unclear when you’ll be unbanned from Omegle. It’s also worth noting that in some circumstances (racism, nudity, spam), an Omegle ban can be permanent.

However, there is a way out of Omegle’s “naughty book”.

How to Unban from Omegle?

Whatever the reason for your Omegle ban, the good news is that it is possible to overcome an Omegle ban. It’s fairly simple. You never registered on the site — Omegle has your email… So how does it know it’s you when you return?

Omegle tracks users using an IP address. Every device online has a unique network identification number. When you connect to the internet, you’re given an IP (through your internet service provider).

An Omegle “static ban” prevents users from accessing the site from a specific IP address. That is, if you change your IP address, you can re-access Omegle.

Changing your IP address is simple. You may change your IP address by changing settings on your modem or router, or by calling your ISP and convincing them to give you a new one.

The most convenient approach to get a new IP address and access Omegle again is to use a VPN (virtual private network).

How a VPN Can Unban You?

VPNs are tools that allow you to change your device’s IP address.

Uncover your IP address and surfing history. Every internet user has an IP address, which websites use to identify them.

On opening the VPN program, you will be asked to select a server location. The closer the server is to you, the faster the internet connection. If your internet speed drops after connecting, try another VPN server. We’ve had fantastic connection speeds using ExpressVPN.

You will obtain a new IP address once your VPN connection is confirmed. You may check if a new address was gained by typing “what is my IP address” into Google before and after.

Your new IP address makes you effectively anonymous — Omegle and other websites will treat you as a new user. If you were previously banned from Omegle, the ban should be lifted and Omegle should resume normal operation!

Unbanned users should erase their browser cookies before using a VPN provider to get back on Omegle. This prevents new IP addresses from being banned.

What is the Best VPN for Unblocking Omegle?

Any VPN will provide you with a new IP address and unblock you from Omegle. But there are other factors to consider.

In my perspective, one VPN service stands out from the rest.

  • Speed:

Considering you’ll be utilizing Omegle for video chats, speed is vital. ExpressVPN is lightning fast — you won’t feel any lag whether using it for online video chats, streaming videos, or gaming.

  • Compatibility: All Platforms:

ExpressVPN includes native apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux. It works on any PC, tablet, or smartphone. It also offers Chrome, Firefox, and Safari extensions. You can use any of your gadgets to talk on Omegle. You may even use 3 connected devices simultaneously.

  • Customer Service:

While you may never need it, it is crucial to know it exists and functions properly. Thanks to ExpressVPN’s quick response times, we’ve never had to wait more than 30 minutes It also has live chat. They have your back.

  • GSN (Global Server Network):

ExpressVPN has 3000 servers in 94 countries. It doesn’t matter which nation you connect from to unblock Omegle, but it can enable you to access country-restricted YouTube videos, Netflix, and other services.

  • Money-Back Guarantee:

ExpressVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee almost removes risk. If you use it but decide to cancel within a month, you will get a full refund to your credit card or PayPal account.

Unbanned from Omegle – Visual Guide

Not having used a VPN before and not being extremely tech-savvy can be scary. So I made a quick video to demonstrate to you how easy it is to get over the Omegle ban.

  • Receive the Ban Notice

“Your computer/network is blocked for probable bad behavior”, you see when you go to the Omegle website from your device. The Omegle Ban Hammer has hit you.

  •  Connect to a VPN

For this method, I’m presuming you’ve already downloaded and installed a VPN application (or app on your phone). In this case, I’ll use ExpressVPN. With your username (or email) and password, go to your VPN provider’s website.
ExecVPN will recommend a “smart location” based on distance and download speed. If you wish to unblock Omegle using a specific server, just select it from a dropdown menu.

Click the big red icon to update your IP address.

  •  A New IP Address

When the ExpressVPN button becomes green, you’re connected to the VPN service, and all your internet traffic is routed through it.
Also, you have a new IP address, which indicates you are a new user in a new location to the rest of the internet!

  •  Return to Omegle and Chat

That’s pretty much it. Omegle treats a new IP address as a new user. The homepage problem warning will be gone, and you can speak again! You’ve been unbanned from Omegle.

How to Unblock Omegle?

It’s inconvenient to be prohibited — sometimes without cause. It’s not a huge deal. To meet more strangers, simply use a VPN service to change your IP address.

So, we advise ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN will offer you a new IP address, making you appear new on Omegle. Using it is simple and quick.

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