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Best Android smartwatches for women

Hey! If you are here to find out the best android smartwatches for women, then yes, you are in the right place. In this article, you will know about the Best android smart watches for women and every factor related to smartwatches. This article is very informative and fascinating so, stay tuned.

Best Android smartwatches for women

With time, our lives become smart. Likewise, we want every gadget around us to be also smart. In this current era, we want to make our lifestyle innovative and lavish. We tried our best to make gadgets and daily wear intelligent and good looking. Let us begin. 

What is a smartwatch?

A compressed form of computer or the most miniature computer in size which we can wear quickly on our wrist is known as a smartwatch. There are different types of watches; for instance, some have touch screens and simple digital displays. The most exciting and used complete factor  I love in smartwatches is that we are updated with just one click on the watch we didn’t need anymore to pick our mobile phone and then update ourselves.

Why do we need smartwatches:

We need a smartwatch because sometimes we don’t have time, have busy schedules, and have no time to pick up phones, so smartwatches are another form of a smartphone. A smartphone that is significantly lighter in weight and wearable n our wrist.

If we want a quick update or want to check notifications, smartwatches are very helpful for that. For example, when we are in a business meeting, we get a notification, and we cannot correctly read it to check it from our smartwatch. A smartwatch is needed, but it is not an essential need. 

Is a smartwatch an essential need?

Many people think that smartwatches have a lot of advantages, but is it an essential need. I think a smartwatch is an essential need if we hectic routine, for example, we have a lot of business meetings and have to visit a lot of sites and don’t have enough time to go through the mobile phone, in this case, smartwatches become an essential need for such type of people. 

Need of smartwatches for women 

Women such as working women or homemakers have hectic routines such women need smartwatches as an essential need. They can set different alarms and see the exact location of anyone (babies) with just one click on the smartwatch. Women who do jogging can also use smartwatches as they tell them or vibrate or notify them on the wrist to tell them after covering every mile or how much they covered distance. 

Features of smartwatches 

Firstly, to know the Best Android smart watches for women, we have to know the features of android smartwatches.

Best Android smartwatches for women


Smartwatches have a unique feature in that they have a GPS.; for example, someone is hiking instead of using a mobile phone to track, they prefer using a smartwatch that is easy to handle and tackle and looks very smart.

Heart-rate monitoring 

One of the most valuable features of heart-rate monitoring is the most helpful feature in the smartwatch. It is constructive from a health perspective. Nowadays, we can’t even consider a smartwatch if it does not have the features of an intelligent band. These days, women are becoming more and more health-conscious day by day, which is why our all watches have a hear-rate monitor in them. 

Google assistant 

Best Android smartwatches have google assistant who assists their owner (who is wearing a smartwatch). It will guide you and do your task, such as setting the alarm with your voice. 

Google play

Best Android smartwatches have one more exciting feature: they have google play, in which you can download any song and listen any time you want.


Best Android smartwatches for women have a Bluetooth feature; you can connect them with your earbuds and enjoy songs while cooking, jogging, or exercising. 


Best Android smartwatches for women have a built-in microphone which is very helpful and helpful too. While doing any activity, you don’t need to pick up the phone and waste time. Just click the answer button and start doing calls.

Battery timing 

Yeah, we know that it sucks to charge your battery daily. We already have a smartphone to charge the battery daily, and that’s why we do not need another smartphone, and that is why the Best Android smartwatches for women have a long-lasting battery timing. A good smartwatch can be used for at least three days. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the smartwatch. 

Advantage of smartwatch 

  • A smartwatch is easy to handle or easy to carry 
  • Smartwatch is Lightweight 
  • Smartwatch Looks elegant 
  • Smartwatch Saves time
  • Quick access to notifications 

 Disadvantage of smartwatches 

As everything in the universe has some advantages, it also has advantages at the same time. so smartwatches also have some disadvantages, which are mentioned below:

  • Smartwatches have a tiny screen.
  • Smartwatches get outdated easily. 
  • Smartwatches are not water-resistant
  • Smartwatches are very expensive.

Best Android smartwatches for women

  1. Fossil gen 5 Julianna
  2. Metropolitan
  3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 
  4. Ticwatch e3 
  5. Galaxy watch 3
  6. Scallop 2 
  7. Sense 
  8. Gen 5 Juliana touchscreen smartwach
  9. Versa 3 


Although we have already provided you with the list of the Best Android smart watches for women, if you want to buy these on your own, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind. This list is made underkeeping in mind some factors such as


These best Android intelligent watches for women are listed after keeping in mind the budget. These smartwatches range from $150 to $750. These smartwatches are a little pricey, but there is no compromise in features and quality.


These smartwatches are compatible with android. Some smartwatches need to pair with mobile phones, but some don’t need to connect with a phone to show GPS.


These smartwatches give you a very comfortable touch. These are very good-looking and attractive.


Smartwatches take a large number of the valuable highlights found in a cell phone and put them on your wrist. They can be utilized to get warnings, settle on and get telephone decisions, and access a broad scope of applications. They are frequently outfitted with refined wellness trackers that can examine each development you make, and a portion of the applications are accommodating. For instance, you can call a Uber from your wrist, monitor day by day daily agendas, and pay attention to book recordings. You’ll see that most well-known cell phone applications presently have smartwatch variants. The most up-to-date models are likewise beautiful in vogue. Furthermore, the wide choice of various faces implies that you won’t ever become weary of what they look like.

Best Android smartwatches for women

In this article, you will know about the Best Android smartwatches for women; not only this, you will know about different factors, features, qualities, advantages, and disadvantages too. To know about different, engaging, and informative articles, stay tuned with us!.