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How To Charge Your Phone With Broken Charger Port Android?

Have you ever thought about how to charge your phone with a broken charger port on android? A damaged charging port is a terrible problem. It’s not something you can just repair; servicing is required. Unlike a cracked screen, a damaged charging port can usually be fixed quickly and cheaply.

But if you’re in a remote area without access to power and you really must use your phone, I can show you how to charge it using AA batteries.

If the charging port on your battery is damaged, you may still get a charge from Double-A batteries by connecting them in series, as I will explain below.

Before doing anything further, be sure that the damaged charging port is the true cause of the issue. There might be several causes, but if you’re confident this is the one, read on.

In a pinch, I’ve relied on these tips and tactics. Please remember that servicing your phone is highly recommended. On the other hand, these options may help you charge your phone in an emergency.

The use of smartphones has grown ubiquitous in modern society. They hold large amounts of important personal and professional information and serve as much more than just communication and entertainment tools. That’s why it’s so important to check your phone’s charging status often, so it doesn’t die on you just when you need it.

Have trouble charging your phone’s battery? Charger port troubles are frustratingly prevalent.

However, if you find yourself in a bind and unable to go without a charged phone, you may use one of many workarounds for a malfunctioning charging port. To find out what the most typical answers are, read on.

Emergency Fixes For A Broken Charging Port

Table of Contents

1. DIY USB Port Fix

Fixing a damaged charger port in this way may be the quickest, simplest, and most usual method.

Sometimes the broken charger port’s metal surface won’t create a solid connection with the USB charger. It’s usually due to a faulty component or wears and tear on the charging port from being plugged in and out of the device often.

DIY USB Port Fix for Broken Charger Port

It’s imperative that you start by sanitizing your charging port. Carefully clean the charging pin by shining a flashlight on it and wiping it down with a toothpick or pin.

  1. The phone must be turned off.
  2. Take the battery out of it if you can.
  3. If the tabs within your phone’s USB port are all jumbled up, you may use a little stick to reorganize them.
  4. Carefully pry it up if the charging pin is out of place.
  5. You need to put the battery back in.
  6. Connect the power source.

2. Charge A Battery With A Battery

If your phone’s battery is detachable, this won’t work. If not, then use the first procedure.

  • One, take out the battery. Acquire entry to the battery’s terminals.
  • Second, get several AAA or AA batteries or a 9-volt battery.
  • The next step is to locate the battery’s positive and negative terminals. Both ends of the battery have their positive and negative terminals marked by red rectangles.
  • Ensure that the device’s battery and spare batteries are of the same voltage. Conventional smartphone batteries provide 3.7V DC, whereas a single AA or AAA battery provides just 1.5V. You’ll need three AA batteries.
  • Fifth, get two metal wires and wrap them in plastic.
  • Pack the batteries together with some tape, number 6.
  • Attach the power source batteries and the battery through clamps or tape, protecting the insulation of the wires.
  • If you can hold out for a bit, the battery should start to charge. Keep in mind that it won’t provide a full charge, but it will be sufficient in an emergency.

3. Rub The Battery

Take out the battery from the phone.

Keep it in the palms of your hands. Simply rubbing the battery between your hands, you may generate sufficient heat and friction to activate the device. Replace the battery and try charging the phone again.

If the aforementioned troubleshooting steps didn’t work, the issue isn’t a malfunctioning charging port. You should check the phone’s battery since it’s one of the most frequent reasons for a noncharging phone.

Other Methods To Fix A Broken Charger Port On Android

1. Verify That Your Device’s Charging Port Is Malfunctioning.

The fact that your phone isn’t charging may not necessarily be the fault of the charging port.

You should carefully examine the many factors that might affect your charges.

Battery Issues: What To Look For

Charging issues might be caused by batteries that are old or damaged. The ideal solution here is to get a new battery for your phone that will last longer and charge faster.

When in the “Settings” menu on an iPhone, choose “Battery” to see the battery percentage. The battery has to be replaced if you notice a notification concerning the “Power Save Mode” feature. The battery is OK if there is no message.

Ampere is an app available for users of the Android operating system. The charging current of your phone may be measured with this free software. The health of your phone’s battery may be gauged in large part by whether or not it is getting an excessive amount of electricity.

Knowing When There’s An Issue With Your Charger Cord

Your phone’s charging cable is probably the cause of the issue. Inspect your cable thoroughly for any blemishes or abnormalities that might compromise its performance. After all, the stress put on these wires reduces their efficiency.

You might try using a different cable to charge your device. If the phone now charges properly, the cable was the problem.

Recognizing The Signs Of A Faulty Power Adapter

The power adapter for your phone is also an essential part of the charging process. Due to the fact that different phones need different voltages to charge effectively, a malfunctioning power adapter may make it difficult to charge your phone and may even harm your device.

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Taking off the charging cable allows you to inspect the port for oxidation or other symptoms of trouble. A problem with the power adapter block might be the cause of a loose connection.

A Guide To Fixing Operating System Issues

The Android and iOS operating systems are not bulletproof against bugs. These problems may make it difficult to discern whether your phone is charging because of faulty display or because your phone doesn’t realise that it’s charging.

The easiest approach to solve an operating system issue is to restart your device.

2. Make Sure That Your Phone’s Charging Port Is Clean.

You, like most others, undoubtedly carry your phone about without a case that protects the device and hides the charging port.

However, keep in mind that dirt and debris might enter the charging port and disrupt the connection. For instance, dirt may harden into a dense clump that adheres to the connections and blocks power flow if left there for long enough.

Display the port under a bright light to check it out. If there’s filth within the charging port of your phone, you may get rid of it using a soft toothbrush.

A cotton swab can also do the trick for sanitising your port. Toothpicks and paperclips, on the other hand, should be avoided. Broken toothpicks might cause extra harm to your charging port. The metal used to make paper clips is also used to conduct electricity, meaning that one accidentally placed in your phone might cause a short.

If dust or other particles are entering the port after you’ve cleaned it, the charging port is likely to blame. After you’ve finished cleaning your phone, you should try to charge it.

3. Experiment With Wireless Charging

A smartphone’s wireless charging technology is a perfect replacement for the charging port.

If your gadget supports magnetic induction charging—also known as wireless charging and Qi technology—you may power up by setting it on a properly designed charger. Several mobile phone brands, including iPhones (iPhone 5 and later), Samsungs, and others, may be charged using this technique.

If your device’s charging port is damaged, wireless charging may save your phone from dying.

The Battery Still Won’t Charge? It’s Possible That Your Phone Has To Be Upgraded.

In a nutshell, don’t lose hope if your charging port stops working. Restoring phone functionality is possible. However, not all of these approaches are viable options in the long run. Getting a new phone might be necessary if the issue persists.

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How To Charge Your Phone With Broken Charger Port Android? – Top 10 Ways

I will explain how to repair a damaged Android charging port without spending any money. Though charging with a damaged charger port is inconvenient, it is still possible to use your charger. All of these techniques are accessible to users, and they may utilize them on their Android devices.

Scrub The Power Port And USB Connector.

To do this, all you need is a brush and a clean towel. It will help eliminate any obstructions, such as dust or rust, from the charging slot region.

Make Use Of Solder Paste

Solder paste may be used to reattach your phone’s USB port to its charging port if you discover it has been accidentally dislodged.

Extend The Charging Port.

The USB port is kept in the charging slot. It is recommended that the whole charging slot be removed before the damaged USB port is removed for repair.

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An Independent Screen And Back Cover For The Mobile Device.

Solder paste will allow you to permanently reattach your phone’s USB port to its charging port if you discover it has been removed.

Apply Solder Paste

Take the battery out of the mobile by using a sharp instrument to separate the front and rear pieces. Doing so will allow you to adequately investigate what the issue with the USB port is.

Android Device Restart Required.

First, we’ll go with the basic approach. Some Android phones won’t charge because of software issues, so you’ll need to reset yours before anything else. Simply plugging in the charger after restarting your Android phone should fix the issue. When we turn off the phone, we also disconnect the power source, and the phone will only come back on after a reboot.

If Your Phone Allows It, Take Out The Battery.

It’s common knowledge that many modern Android phones have permanent batteries built in. However, if your battery is replaceable, try taking it out and replacing it once. Disrupting the battery’s power supply to the Android phone will fix any external problem it may be having.

Correct The Battery Problem

Battery size changes are a common symptom of overcharging or defective batteries in Android phones. This problem becomes obvious with any significant amount of battery enlargement. In such case, you should probably avoid taking any chances and instead go straight to the company’s service centre to get it fixed.

Remove Dust From Power Input

It’s possible that dust particles in the charging port are preventing your Android phone from charging. Your gadget is not receiving power because of the dust that has settled in the port. Then, use a pointed brush and a mobile cleaning product (such as acetone solvent) to scrub the charging port clean (such as by Jindal Spares ).

How to Clean a Phone Charging Port

Once you did so, the issue was resolved, and your phone began charging normally. The first thing you should do is verify the warranty status of your phone. If your phone’s warranty has expired, follow the preceding steps. Otherwise, your warranty will be null and void.

The USB Extension Cord Charger

If nothing else is working, try using a different charger with your Android phone. If the charging port of a user’s Android phone is damaged, they may still use a charger with a larger connector to power their device. This adapter can transmit power all the way to the bottom of the Android charging port.


The malfunctioning of a smartphone’s charging port is a typical occurrence with Android devices. Your charging port won’t need to be replaced right away. As a result of an issue that eventually affects every piece of electrical equipment, that’s what will happen.

This means that if your Android device’s charging port breaks, you may repair it using the aforementioned methods without spending money or calling a professional. If you’ve exhausted all other options, though, you should visit the Android phone manufacturer’s service center.


How Can I Fix A Damaged USB Port?

In the event that your phone’s charging port breaks, you have two options: have it mended or obtain a new phone. Bring your phone in while it’s still under warranty, and they may be able to repair it for you at no cost.

Taking your broken phone to a phone repair business is an option even if it is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You may also get a whole new phone.

Can You Tell Me How To Repair The Charging Port On My Android Device?

If the charging port on your Android device is malfunctioning, there are a few things you may try. The first step is to switch on the phone and plug in the charging wire.

Changing the charging cord or outlet might help, too. If these solutions don’t fix your phone, it may be time to visit a repair shop.

When A Charging Port Breaks, Is It Possible To Repair It?

The charging port can be repaired, yes. Nonetheless, repair costs will depend on the level of damage. It might be costly to repair the port if it has been severely damaged. If the damage is minor, it may be feasible to repair it at a reduced cost.

What Is The Going Rate For Replacing An Android Phone’s Charging Port?

There is no universal answer to this issue since the price to repair a broken charging port on an Android phone may range widely based on the phone’s brand, model, and severity of the damage. Still, you may expect to pay anything from $50 to $100 on average.

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If You Don’t Have A Port, How Do You Charge Your Phone?

You may power your phone in many other ways besides using a connector. An additional power source is one option. You may also use a wireless charging pad.

What Should I Do If I Lose My Phone Charger?

There are a few alternatives to using a charger that may keep your phone powered. A portable charger is one option. A power bank is a portable battery that may be used to recharge a mobile device. The usage of a USB cable is a second option. Charge your phone with the included USB cord by connecting it to a desktop or laptop computer. A wall charger is another option for powering your phone.

If My Charging Port Is Broken, How Can I Tell?

Damage to the phone’s charger port might be at blame if it isn’t charging at all or is charging slowly. Replace the charger and see if it helps. You may need to get your phone fixed or replaced if the issue continues.

When A Charging Port Breaks, How Long Does It Take To Repair It?

That depends on the extent of the harm. It may just take a few minutes to repair a loose charging port. Some repairs, such as replacing a broken charging port, might take a whole day.

Just How Do I Clean A Charging Port?

A toothpick or Q-tip will do the trick when you need to clean a charging port. It’s also possible to use a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

What Is The Best Method For Reattaching A Loose USB-C Charging Port?

Repairing a malfunctioning type C charging port may be done in many different ways. The connection may be pushed back into place with the help of a toothpick or similar tiny device. Alternatively, you might use a dab of glue to secure the connection.

My Phone’s Charging Connector Is Damaged, And The Battery Isn’t Detachable, So How Can I Charge It?

If your phone has a non-removable battery and a damaged charging connector, you still have a few choices. An external battery charger that connects to the phone’s charging port is one alternative. Alternatively, you may use a USB cord to charge the phone or connect it to a computer.

What Is The Price Tag On A Charging Port Fix?

If your charging port is severely damaged, you may need to pay more to have it fixed than if it were just slightly damaged. The price is usually between $50 and $100 nevertheless.

Help! My Android Device Won’t Take A Charge.

The fact that your Android device isn’t charging might be due to a few different factors. Possibly the charger is broken. Use only a charger that is designed to work with your Android phone.

Whether your phone still won’t charge, check to see if the port is dusty or broken. You may try cleaning the port with a toothbrush, or if that doesn’t work, you may need to have it serviced or replaced.

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How Does One Break A Charging Port?

A damaged charging port might occur for a number of different reasons. As an example, this might happen if the port becomes obstructed, preventing the plug from properly connecting.

The metal contacts might also be corroded if liquid got into the port. Finally, the charging connector might be damaged if the phone is dropped when connected to a power source.

The Reason Why Android Device Chargers Often Get Dislodged Is Unclear.

Android chargers get dislodged for a variety of reasons. The Android charger’s pins may not create a proper connection with the phone if they get deformed or broken. A filthy or corroded charging connector on a phone is another common cause of connection problems.

The Android charger itself may not be properly manufactured or extremely durable, which might result in its getting loose over time.