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Can Phone Repair Shops Fix Water Damage? Lets Discuss It In Detail

We’re not the sort to fabricate statistics, but we’ll presume that all phone users would go into a panic if their device went into the water. If you’ve previously experienced this, you’ve probably concluded that the game is ended.

Are there any pictures of you from your trip to Australia? Gone. The work papers that you scribble on a bus ride to work? Gone. You and that significant other in the making? Gone.

Fortunately, this is a positive thing. If something goes wrong, you should be fine. In addition, phones may be repaired even if they’ve been severely damaged by water since they don’t expire instantly.

It’s only a matter of moving quickly and taking the appropriate actions.

What Happens to a Phone When it Falls in Water?

When water gets into a phone’s ports, jacks, and speakers, it becomes a phone’s kryptonite. Once inside, it enters the circuitry. The outcome? As a result, the phone’s circuit board is fried due to the water acting as a conductor and carrying a current.

Allowing the phone to dry on its own, for example, exacerbates the problem. Minerals in the water cause corrosion of the phone’s circuits, coils, and resistors when water is allowed to sit.

Even though the harm isn’t often immediately apparent, this one confuses folks. Occasionally, the water may take a bit longer to reach the most sensitive parts.

You won’t notice anything when you drop your phone in the water. They won’t be able to use their phones the next day, though.

The water supply is also essential to bear in mind. As horrible as dropping your phone in the toilet or the pool is, you may kiss it goodbye if you do it when it is submerged in water.

Unlike freshwater, salt water is very corrosive and will quickly deteriorate the components of a phone. Make sure to be safe when shooting selfies from your boat.

Emergency Response – Saving a Water Damaged Phone Quickly

As a result, explanations are fantastic, but solutions are far more critical. When water gets into your phone, it doesn’t spend any time harming and may be felt immediately. The sooner you get it out of the water, the better.


  • Take it out and turn it off right away.
  • Clean it with sanitizer and a microfiber cloth (if required).
  • As much as possible, dry the phone.
  • Removing the battery (if it’s detachable), the SIM card, and the headphones/cords are required.
  • If the battery cannot be removed, place the phone upright.

You can now dry and disinfect your smartphone with our Screen Shine and a microfiber cloth.

Don’t do these under any circumstances (People do these things)

  • Using the microwave to dry your phone is a bad idea since it might cause a fire.
  • Remove the ice off your phone before it melts, and you’ll be back at square one.
  • Using a hair dryer to dry a phone that has been submerged in water is dangerous.
  • As previously mentioned, place your phone close to a radiator to reduce heat buildup.
  • Studies and trials reveal that rice treatment doesn’t work very well. Therefore you may put it in a bag of rice.
  • Some water may be drained, but it’s typically not quick enough to prevent the corrosion that occurs when water damage is present in a building.

Take Your Water Damaged Phone to a Trusted Repair Shop 

Allowing your phone to dry entirely on its own is a bad idea, and this is the reality.

Remember that water causes harm below the surface, out of reach of your hands. Repairing your gadgets is fine, but if you’re not mechanically inclined and can’t, leave it to the professionals.

Whether the phone won’t switch on, check to see if you have a warranty on it. Then congrats! You may be forced to send the item back to the maker for repair if not. That generally comes with a price tag, too.

If the phone still functions, even with minor faults, you can bring it to large electronic stores or local repair shops.

The Geek Squad at Best Buy offers phone repair services as well. There’s always your local “ma and pa” electronics repair shop if you want to save money.

Practical Tips to Prevent Water Damage Going Forward

If you’re like the rest of us, you’ve accidentally dropped your phone in the water. With that said, there are sure folks who don’t seem to get into these mishaps. You can compete with them and keep your phone dry by following a few simple methods.

Practical tips for keeping your phone water damage-free

  • Get a water-resistant phone cover or case – There are no waterproof covers or phones; however, water-resistant phones may withstand a brief immersion in water without injury. The focus here is on conciseness.
  • Keeping an eye on your surroundings is a good idea because you’ll almost certainly drop your phone in the water or get very close to it. If you’re walking on or near the wet ground, you should either keep your phone in your hand or put it in your pocket.
  • Texting in the bathroom might be a distraction, but it isn’t as essential as it appears. Keep them away from the toilet. Until you have no choice but to wait, nothing seems to be able to wait (in this case, to get the phone repaired).