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Can You Watch Yellowstone On Paramount Plus?

While Yellowstone is Paramount’s most famous show, it doesn’t appear on Paramount Plus. Here’s why and where you can watch it for free.

By far, the most popular show on the Paramount Network is Yellowstone. One of the most popular cable shows, hands down. 7.6 million people tuned in to witness the cliffhanger ending of season 3 in 2020, making it the most-watched scripted show on cable that year. Season 4’s November premiere on the Paramount Network drew 14.7 million viewers, more than double that.

If you’re looking for a location to stream the program, Paramount Plus would be the obvious choice. As strange as it may seem, Paramount Plus doesn’t have the show that’s most connected with the company name.

Season 4 of Yellowstone is available on Peacock, a competitor streaming service. You may watch Yellowstone on Peacock, which has an exclusive arrangement to be the only subscription service streaming the show, or try to unlock the Paramount Network app to access the show’s entire back catalog. On the other hand, it’s not available on Paramount Plus.

That’s a bit of a design flaw, though. Yellowstone isn’t the only high-profile Paramount film that isn’t available on Paramount Plus. HBO Max is the place to go if you’re seeking Comedy Central’s South Park, for example.

Paramount is a major player in the content licensing market, and traditional cable networks like Paramount Network, produce a lot of cash for the company.

Can You Watch Yellowstone On Paramount Plus?

You should be aware that Paramount Plus is separate from Paramount Network in terms of programming. However, Paramount Plus is a subscription streaming service, whereas Paramount Network is a standard cable channel that can only be accessed via a live-TV service.

Yellowstone’s fourth season, he has premiered on Paramount Network, as well as all previous seasons. In addition, only Peacock offers Yellowstone as a paid subscription streaming option. You can’t watch any episodes of Yellowstone, old or new, on Paramount Plus.

Paramount Network

Paramount Network’s channel, website, or app is the best spot to watch any episodes of Yellowstone.

Only “authenticated” internet viewers — those who can check in with their live-TV subscription credentials to confirm they’ve previously paid for Paramount Network — may watch the fourth season of Yellowstone.

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However, the first episode of Yellowstone’s fourth season, titled “Half the Money,” is free of charge via the Paramount Network app or website.

With Paramount Network, you can watch all of the network’s series and movies online, including every episode of Yellowstone, via its Paramount Network app.

To be considered an “authenticated viewer,” you must already have a live-TV subscription (such as cable or satellite). (Philo provides a free trial and is one of the cheapest online choices for accessing Paramount Network.)


Since Peacock started in 2020, the first three seasons of Yellowstone have been available in Peacock’s library, including the fourth season.

Except for the season 1 opener, every episode of Yellowstone is behind a paywall. After the first episode, you’ll need to pay $5 or $10 monthly for a premium membership to view the rest of Peacock.

Pluto TV (but you already missed it…)

Pluto TV is an alternative to the primary streaming services. Anyone may watch it for free, with ads, without registering.

There is an on-demand library of episodes and movies on Pluto TV. Still, the core of the service is a set of pseudo-live “channels” that continuously play material in a continuous stream, precisely like you would on a typical television set.

During one weekend in March, Pluto TV broadcast all three seasons of Yellowstone. In the first season, Pluto’s More TV Drama channel streamed Yellowstone on Friday, the second season on Saturday, and the third season on Sunday.

While on Pluto, however, you had no control over what you were watching: You couldn’t pause, skip, or otherwise choose whatever episode you wanted to watch on-demand.

On-demand service Pluto TV, owned by Paramount, has said that Yellowstone will not be available.

Although Pluto didn’t name a date, viewers who missed the marathon this past weekend may expect the program to be re-streamed at some point this year.

Paramount Plus

What does Paramount Plus have if it doesn’t contain Yellowstone? Spinoffs. 1883, a prequel focusing on the Dutton family’s journey to the west and establishing the Yellowstone Ranch, debuted on December 19 on Paramount Plus.

In addition to 1932, the streaming service plans to provide another offshoot. As a result, Paramount has commissioned a slew of projects based on or produced by Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone.

Why doesn’t Yellowstone stream the one place you’d expect?

In Hollywood, each new streaming service decides how much content to keep for itself. Some streaming providers have taken a more aggressive stance to reclaim their content.

If a Disney property was previously licensed to another service, the company has stood steadfast in letting those agreements expire. It was a significant deal when Netflix agreed to stream Disney’s theatrical movies for an estimated $200 to $300 million over four years. As a result, Disney Plus decided to let Netflix’s partnership expire so it could focus on its repertoire and not compete with other streaming services.

Additionally, NBCUniversal gained the rights to its sitcom The Office back from Netflix so that Peacock could stream the sitcom exclusively beginning in 2021 and licensing Yellowstone.

HBO Max, a WarnerMedia subsidiary, has repeatedly reclaimed NBCUniversal and Peacock’s rights to all eight Harry Potter films. All those movies were leased to NBCUniversal by WarnerMedia’s Warner Bros. in a historic agreement years ago. In this case, NBCUniversal’s Peacock was in line to stream them instead of HBO Max. As a result, WarnerMedia has repeatedly snatched them to bolster HBO Max with a well-known series.

However, Paramount Plus has been far more open to licensing its best-selling properties to other studios.

This is partly because selling the rights to some titles may be a lucrative endeavor. Last year, nearly a quarter of Paramount’s income came from licensing, which generated $5.6 billion. A wide range of licenses, from TV syndication to Paw Patrol plush toys and costumes, contribute to the company’s financial success. In addition, Paramount Plus’ immediate rivals are being given titles like Yellowstone and South Park. When you provide your programming to your service, you forfeit the money you could have earned if you had licensed it to a third-party service.

An extensive library of previously released films and television programs is also available through Paramount’s vast library. On Paramount Plus, the corporation doesn’t want all of that.

“There is no way we can keep it all to ourselves. Indeed it’s not logical. “Last year, when Paramount Plus was gearing up for its debut, CEO Bob Bakish made the following statement. In my opinion, it’s just too much.

On more than one occasion, Bakish has stated that the company’s licensing policy is “changing” in terms of how much it should license and how much it should keep for itself. In November, the company’s licensing strategy “changed to become much more focused” on having its franchises on its streaming service, he added. He said that a company’s pre-Paramount Plus agreement “legacy” might have a long-term effect. It was “unfortunate” for Bakish to sign a Yellowstone license agreement with Peacock while the company was completing a significant merger, he stated back in February.

However, Paramount Plus felt that by allowing other, more extensive services to stream some of its titles, it might attract more new members than it would otherwise generate through licensing. For Paramount Plus’ reboots and spinoffs, Bakish says additional platforms may broaden an older show’s following.

It’s illogical in the extreme. However, Netflix has more than 221 million subscribers globally, whereas Paramount Plus has just 33 million members worldwide. Netflix’s release of Avatar: The Last Airbender in 2020 boosted ViacomCBS’ decision to open a new studio in 2021 to produce additional Avatar-related content.

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Having Yellowstone on Peacock doesn’t help Paramount expand its audience. While Paramount Plus only had 24.5 months of active users at the end of 2021, Peacock only had roughly 16 million of them on a subscription level that unlocks Yellowstone.

In the last several months, Paramount has only begun reuniting some of the most popular brands on its streaming service again. In February, South Park announced that it was separating from HBO Max and moving to Paramount Plus. Instead, on HBO Max, new episodes of South Park will launch on Paramount Plus in 2024. Paramount Plus will receive the whole US back library of South Park in 2025, which is a great deal.

On the other hand, Paramount has been mum on the issue of reclaiming Yellowstone.

As a result, new Yellowstone prequel fans on Paramount Plus will have to look elsewhere to learn about the Dutton family’s arrival in Montana and subsequent transformation into ranching titans as they watch their saga unfold.