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Career Cats NFTs Now Whitelisted on Solana Blockchain

Career Cats, a group of 6,666 NFTs that were previously taught outside of the blockchain for years, have finally been whitelisted for the Solana blockchain.

If you’re unfamiliar with the notion of non-fungible tokens, they are non-fungible tokens that represent unique digital assets. Each Career Cat in this example is a distinct coin representing a different aspect of Solana and her blockchain ecosystem.

When you purchase one, you are purchasing ownership of a component of Solana’s platform: for example, when you purchase a Career Cat representing “SOL,” you are purchasing ownership of the SOL token—the native currency utilized inside Solana’s ecosystem.

High Risk, High Rewards

As the Career Cats increase, so will other components of the Solana Blockchain that support them.

This means that if you buy into the ecosystem early and invest in one of the 6,6000 Career Cats—or even just a few of them—you’ll have more influence over where it goes than someone who buys later or only buys a few, as long as you’re prudent and only invests what you’re willing to lose because it’s a high-risk investment.

Doctors, Astronauts, Engineers, and Lawyers will be the first CareerCats offered on the Solana blockchain. Lawyers are classified as COMMON (2800 pieces), Engineers as SEMI-RARE (2000), Doctors as RARE (1600), and Astronauts as RAREST (466).

Career Cats Roadmap

A Career Cats Interactive Metaverse Game is on the horizon, in which players will be able to gather these cats as they play and breed them to create new ones with unique qualities.

Each of these cats was trained outside of the blockchain for years and was gradually incorporated to build an ecosystem with millions of various sorts of Career Cats that can be gathered, bred, trained, and sold on Solana’s Marketplace.

Aside from playing the game, you’ll be able to utilize your Career Cat as your avatar in the Metaverse. The collaboration will enable users to design their own bespoke careers in the game based on the Career Cat they now possess. For example, if you have a Lawyer Cat, your Metaverse gaming career will be a Lawyer, and you will have access to all of its talents and powers.