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Here’s How to Check AirPods Warranty Online?

Check AirPods Warranty Online: It goes without saying that Apple’s AirPods are among the best and most widely used wireless Bluetooth earphones available today.

If you already own them and they stop working for any reason. You may be eligible for free service if your AirPods are still covered by a warranty.

Also, keep in mind that AirPods are covered by a one-year limited warranty (in some situations, the AirPods can be repaired for free) that is valid only in certain circumstances. We’ll show how to check the AirPods warranty online in this section.

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How to Check AirPods Warranty Online

Do not be concerned if you cannot recall when you purchased the AirPods; you may check online to see if the earphones are still cover by the manufacturer’s warranty. Here’s how you can go about doing it:

Check AirPods Warranty Online

  • Go to Apple’s Check Coverage page to see if your device is covered.
  • You will require to enter the AirPods serial number as well as the captcha code in this section.

The serial number of your AirPods can find on the packaging that came with them. It’s possible that you didn’t save it, in which case you can check it using your smartphone. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Bluetooth is on the move.
  • Locate the AirPods and press the I button to reveal the number on the side of the AirPods.

Once you have entered the serial number and the captcha code that we stated above, you will be able to access the necessary information. You will see the date on which you purchased your AirPods, whether or not you are eligible for TechSupport, whether or not you are eligible for Apple Care, and whether or not you are eligible for Repairs and Service Coverage.

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