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How to remotely access and control Samsung Phones Using Windows PC

During their collaboration, Samsung and Microsoft sought to improve the efficiency and seamlessness of communication between Samsung phones and Microsoft Windows PCs, among other things.

Several Microsoft applications, including the Your Phone app, Outlook, and One Drive, are pre-installed on Samsung smartphones.

Your Phone App, which will be the focus of our discussion, is a powerful tool that may help to streamline workflow and can be of great assistance to those whose jobs need them to engage with both a mobile phone and a computer. It is compatible with the majority of Android phones and may be used to view phone alerts, photos, and SMSes, as well as to make calls immediately without having to pick up the phone.

You will, however, get numerous extra benefits if you possess a Samsung phone (A-series or above), which include:

Phone screen to allow you to view and operate your phone from your computer.
Copy-paste between a Samsung phone and a Windows PC is possible via universal copy-paste.
Transferring files between a phone and a computer (to be added soon)

How to remotely control your Samsung phone using Phone App on Windows PC

Before we start, there are a few prerequisites that must be met in order for this to be successful. Windows 10 (October 2018 or later) must be installed on your PC, and both your Samsung phone and PC must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

This is exactly what you must do.

Phone software may be downloaded and installed on your Windows 10 computer.
The phone application is pre-installed on the majority of Windows PCs. If you don’t have it already, you may download it from the Microsoft Store.

Download the ‘Phone Companion – Link to Windows PC’ App to your phone and connect it to your computer.
Download the Phone companion app from the Google Play store on the Samsung phone that is supported.

Obtain the appropriate authorizations.
Using the applications on your PC and on your phone, you will be guided through the basic setup procedure, which includes granting the required rights for the two devices to function together.

The phone may be controlled via the phone screen.
In the side menu, you’ll now see an option for “Phone screen,” which you may choose. By just clicking on it, you will be able to see your phone’s screen mirrored in the app. Clicks, click and hold, and mouse scrolling are now supported for interacting with your phone’s user interface.

Phone Screen in the Phone app may be used to check for phone alerts and also to return to the PC itself from the phone screen. Another advantage is the ability to type on your phone while using the keyboard from your laptop.