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Crown Chaser Announces Strategic Partnership with The Polygon Network

Polygon Network has announced a new relationship with the exciting tower defense P2E game Crown Chaser.

According to the game, this will allow it to make use of the extensive Polygon ecosystem and so “supercharge” its growth.

With this agreement, Crown Chaser hopes to provide gamers with even more intriguing new features in the future.

How This Partnership Benefits Crown Chaser

According to Crown Chaser, this new cooperation will be used to enhance the tower defense game’s functionality.

Polygon’s layer 2 scaling solutions, according to the P2E, are a viable alternative for expanding the game. Polygon will be used by Crown Chaser to make it simpler for users to acquire and trade non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Longer-term, the network may be able to assist P2E in incorporating additional Defi aspects into its gaming environment.

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Cross-chain liquidity difficulties in gaming are now being addressed by the game, which is also stretching the bounds of play to earn to a whole new level.

Because of this relationship with BitTorrent, the game is hoping that players will be better equipped to earn and play in the most stable ecosystems on the market today.

Usability and Accessibility

Another way that Crown Chaser intends to make the game more accessible is via its relationship with Polygon.

Players on the Ethereum Mainnet will now be able to enjoy a slew of new features thanks to the addition of Polygon support, according to developers.

Tower Defense Game ETHEREUM Crown Chaser Announces Strategic Partnership with The Polygon Network

Polygon, on the other hand, will make the game more accessible to players by reducing transaction costs. Allowing Crown Chaser to grow quickly while keeping barriers to entry low is the goal of this change.

In addition, the game’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and gameplay engine will completely integrate the Polygon chain.

Crown Chaser: Game Details and Features

This tower defense and real-time strategy game is set in a metaverse and is free to play.

Battles for valuable towers and prizes are fascinating for players. NFT-backed collector cards power Crown Chaser.

You’ll need at least eight cards to get started. In the game universe, these cards may represent characters, spells, and even structures.

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In the early stages of development, Crown Chaser is currently a work in progress. It will be accessible on both PC and mobile devices when it releases. There will be a social component to the P2E game, as well.

Users will be able to communicate and engage with one another as a result of this change. Players will also be able to work together to overcome challenging challenges and fights.