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Cryptoblades Reward Pool: Everything You Need to Know

In the P2E gaming market, Crypto Blades is a popular choice for those looking for a challenge. The game’s design concept, playability, and NFT products are all intriguing to gamers.

The game’s major genre is RPG, with Blades and Heroes being the two main non-fictional characters (NFTs). The greatest Blades and Heroes can only be obtained via hard work and a willingness to pay real money.

In Crypto Blades, the primary money is SKILL, which you acquire via both gameplay and the marketplace. Knowing how the SKILL currency works and the distribution of prizes in Crypto Blades can help you make money.

The Rewards Pool in Crypto Blades and its advantages to players will be discussed now, without further ado.

What is the Rewards Pool?

Well, that’s just what it claims to be. There is a pool of SKILL in the Prizes Pool that is updated on a regular basis by the development team to ensure that users have access to adequate rewards.

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There is a fixed amount of SKILL assigned to each hour in the Rewards Pool, which is then adjusted on an hourly basis. Fights with other players may win players money from this pool. The most SKILL you may get from the pool comes from winning the most matches.

How is the Rewards Pool Replenished?

In order to provide gamers a reward pool that is constantly updated, it would need a lot of SKILL to distribute it correctly.

Cryptoblades Reward Pool: Everything You Need to Know

The pricing of SKILL has been a challenge for the Crypto Blades team in the past. However, now they’ve got many ways to replenish the Rewards Pool, and they’re doing a better job at it. The pool of SKILL is constantly replenished via a variety of channels.

Marketplace Fees

The Rewards Pool receives a portion of every transaction made using Crypto Blades NFTs on the marketplace.

As a result, despite all of the activity in the market, only a small portion will be affected. The Rewards Pool might gain a significant quantity of SKILL as a consequence of the high volume of trade on the marketplace.


The game will deduct a tiny portion of each award it pays out to players as Tax. In addition, this ensures that the Rewards Pool is maintained constantly, ensuring that there is enough for the gamers.


The game’s website and marketplace both include advertisements. As soon as a contract is signed with a major firm, CryptoBlades will get a sizable chunk of money. This money is also used to replenish the game’s Rewards Pool.

Other Methods

In addition to this, Crypto Blades employs a number of different strategies to maintain its Rewards Pool. Another proportion of SKILL is retained for the pool, for example, when a player forges or reforges their assets in the game.

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In addition, when players create a new Hero, they’re hit with a second form of tax. In addition, the game includes live Raids. Bosses may be defeated by paying a price to enter the arena.

Reward Pool Mechanics

Players may earn SKILL by participating in games in the Rewards Pool, which pays out an hourly prize pool. Previously, the hourly award was limited to 18.75 SKILL on all supported blockchains. A recent prize pool upgrade raised the quantity of SKILL roughly 10-fold. As of now, gamers in Crypto Blades may make up to 200 SKILL every hour.

As a result, Crypto Blades players will be able to make a tidy profit at any hour of the day or night. It was formerly common for people to wait until the Juicy Hour to level up their SKILL. The only difference today is that they can do it at any moment of the day.

In the future, additional money is expected to be made. The quantity of SKILL will run out if a large number of players engage in combat in a short period of time.

After then, players will have to wait for another hour before they can try again for further goodies. It’s still preferable to wait until the Juicy Hour to get some SKILL for the whole day, however.