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Cryptomator vs Boxcryptor | Does it matter which we use?

When comparing Cryptomator vs Boxcryptor, both of which are client-side solid encryption tools, the difference is more than simply “free” vs “premium.”

Cryptomator vs Boxcryptor

In this comparative evaluation, you’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy and learn what matters when making a selection.

Encrypting your data protects it from cyber threats and removes the majority of the danger of storing it in “the cloud” thus, it’s critical to use a high-quality encryption solution.

Cryptomator and Boxcryptor are two popular data encryption programs, although they are not the same.

Today, we’ll look at Cryptomator and Boxcrypter’s features, advantages, and functions.

Why Encrypt Files Stored in the Cloud?

When data is saved in the cloud, it is kept on servers rather than a device. It’s becoming a more common means to store and distribute information, but it comes with many concerns.


For example, there’s a chance that:

  • The cloud storage provider might be compromised. It’s unlikely, but when you store data with a third party, you’re trusting that they have robust security measures in place to guard against any outside assault.
  • An employee may attempt to get access to your files. Again, there are usually safeguards to avoid this, but it is not unthinkable.
  • The data might be stolen while en route. Even if the cloud provider is safe, your data is stolen from your device to the cloud storage server.

The fundamental advantage of cloud storage encryption, also known as “client-side encryption,” is that authorized users with decryption keys can only view the encrypted data. Even cloud storage businesses (Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, and so on) cannot access the data you keep on their servers.

Cryptomator – DIY, Free & Open Source

Cryptomator is disk encryption software that is open-source and sponsored by donations.

Apps are available for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

Pros and Cons

There are several reasons why Cryptomator is so popular.

For starters, as previously said, it is open source and hence simple to alter and easy to access from a variety of devices, including smartphones. Not to mention that they are entirely free to use and come with extensive online instructions.

There are some drawbacks to the program, but they are minor.

It is not the ideal alternative for corporate enterprises due to the absence of file sharing and customer support options. However, others may view this as a positive for anybody who wants to add a degree of protection to their confidential data.

Boxcryptor – Managed, Supported, and NOT Free

Boxcryptor works similarly to Cryptomator, but it has more capabilities and is more straightforward. Of course, all of this comes at a cost to you, the customer, although a little one.

Pros and Cons

There are also more benefits of using Boxcryptor technology. It allows for file sharing and corporate usage. If you still need additional security, you may use this program to safeguard your data using two-factor authentication.

Anyone attempting to access the data with the password will additionally need a randomized 6-digit code delivered directly to the email or phone number on file before they can log in.

Boxcryptor may seem objectively superior to Cryptomator, yet it still has significant limitations.

One of these drawbacks is that Boxcryptor is not free unless you don’t need specific capabilities like filename encryption, email support, or unrestricted device access.

If you wish to subscribe to the “for persons” edition, you may pay $48 per year ($108 for three years) for personal usage or $96 per year ($216 for three years) for business use.

Cryptomator vs Boxcryptor | Does it matter which we use?

Leaving aside the positives and negatives of both encryption software, while comparing Cryptomator vs Boxcryptor, they share the same fundamental characteristics, but the implementation of these functions differs significantly.

Supported Platforms

Cryptomator’s device and storage compatibility are severely constrained. Anyone using this software may still access it using primary cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, but only through certain online storages based on these programs.

Boxcryptor has a considerably more comprehensive range of device and storage compatibility. It is already compatible with the aforementioned prominent cloud systems and Egnyte, Amazon S3, and SpiderOak One. The program may also run on any storage system provided by Android and iOS devices.

Encryption Process

When it comes to Cryptomator, encrypted data is sent to storage vaults before being processed by the program.

If you want to utilize this storage, Cryptomator will note a specific path and use it to examine files. When modifying material in Cryptomator, remember that modifications to a single file will cause changes to the whole storage vault.

Files encrypted using a Boxcryptor are then kept in critical vaults. As a result, these files are encrypted one after the other, allowing users to update the content of a single file without affecting other files.

File Sharing

Despite the lack of official file sharing features, other users may access Cryptomator-encrypted files if the Cryptomator user provides them with the password. This method is dangerous if the password is misplaced or falls into the wrong hands.

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Boxcryptor is more available to other users since they can access files from the program using account credentials. External users will get an email with a link to the files and a request to install Boxcryptor.

Security Measures

Unfortunately, Cryptomator does not support two-factor authentication, making password sharing even more dangerous for users. If a cyber thief manages to get a Cryptomator user’s password, nothing can stop them from taking data that do not belong to them.

Boxcryptor has two-factor authentication, but users do not require it every time they log in. This authentication is compatible with any authenticator program that supports a mathematically uncrackable one-time pad (OTP) Vernam-cipher.

Code Viewing

Cryptomator users interested in coding their encrypted files may readily view these codes since they are written in Java.

This feature improves the software’s usability and even enables users to understand the encryption to copy it themselves.

Novice programmers may be dismayed to realize that the code of files encrypted using Boxcryptor cannot be seen since they are held in critical vaults. You can still view the code inside these vaults, but only if you pay for the service. This distinction may be one of the reasons why the entire Boxcryptor experience is not free.

Cryptomator vs Boxcryptor? Which Should You Use?

Which encryption program is better for you, Cryptomator or Boxcryptor?

The solution is entirely up to you. If you want to save money and don’t mind getting your hands dirty with manual setup operations, Cryptomator is the program for you.

Boxcryptor, on the other hand, is a perfect alternative if you need a more straightforward plug-and-play solution that doesn’t require a complicated setup and provides customer assistance.