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Why is my data not working on my Samsung S21? Here’s How To Fix It?

Various Samsung users have started complaining that Why is my data not working on my Samsung S21? So, that’s why we have decided to address it for once at all. So, if you are also facing the same issue then this article is specially designed for you.

Why is my data not working on my Samsung S21?

When it comes to fixing the Samsung Galaxy S21 mobile data that has stopped functioning, we want to offer you four different options. These steps have been shown to be quite successful in resolving this issue, as well as other wireless connection difficulties in the past. Continue reading to find out much more about these people.

Network troubles are one of the issues that you may come into from time to time on your computer. Sometimes they’re rather small, but there are situations when they seem to be unfixable in certain cases. There is always the possibility that a problem with the mobile data service is caused by an account or a network issue when it comes to mobile data service. In any case, you should continue to troubleshoot your phone since you may be able to solve it yourself.

First solution: Make sure mobile data is enabled

If you’re experiencing trouble sending or receiving MMS messages, or if your mobile data service has stopped operating for no apparent reason, the first step you should do is to reconnect your phone to your service provider’s network. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers to reveal the menu.
  • To enable mobile data, look for the Mobile Data symbol and touch on it to activate it.
  • If it’s already enabled, you’ll want to turn it off.
  • Once it has been disabled for a few seconds, touch on it again to reactivate it.

After you’ve completed this step, check to see whether the issue continues.

Second solution: Force restart your phone

It is also conceivable that a situation like this is just the result of a tiny system error. As a result, if the first option does not work, the next step is to clear the memory of your device and reinstall all of its applications. You may do both by conducting a Forced Restart, which mimics the removal of the battery. Here’s how to go about it:

For 10 seconds, press and hold the Volume Down button as well as the Power key on your keyboard. This will cause your device to power off and then turn back on.

When the logo appears, release both keys and allow the computer to proceed with the startup process as normal.

Once the reboot has been completed, check to see whether the mobile data service is now operational correctly or not.

Third solution: Reset the network settings of your device

You’ll need to examine your device’s network services if the forced restart does not resolve the issue. Because the mobile data service is no longer operational, it’s conceivable that one or more of those services has ceased operating as a result of the outage. It is necessary to restart the network services on your phone in order to rule out this option. Here’s how it’s done:

Start by going to the Settings app on your phone.
Scroll down and choose General management from the drop-down menu.
To see the reset choices, choose Reset from the drop-down menu.
Select Reset network settings from the drop-down menu.
Reset the settings by pressing the Reset button and, if requested, entering your security code.
To continue with the network settings reset, choose Reset from the drop-down menu.

If the mobile data service is no longer functioning correctly, repeat the process.

Fourth solution: Call your service provider

If you have tried the first three methods and the mobile data service on your Galaxy S21 is still not functioning, it is possible that the issue is not with your phone, but with your account or even with the network that you are using. Therefore, if the issue persists even after you have tried the preceding remedies, you must contact the technical support department of your service provider for assistance.

As long as the issue is relevant to your account, the representative will most likely be able to assist you in resolving it. If it is not. Alternatively, if the issue is due to a network failure, you will be given an estimated time range for when the problem will be resolved, and all you can do is wait.

And those are the steps you should do to resolve the problem with your Galaxy S21’s mobile data connection. We hope that our straightforward troubleshooting tutorial hasn’t been of assistance in any manner.