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Does Ad-block work on Funimation?

Funimation is a great platform that all of us love. But now the question appears  Does Ad-block work on Funimation?

Does Ad-block work on Funimation?

Well, this is what this article is all about. In this article, we will take an in-depth look into this topic.

Does Ad-block work on Funimation?

Anime fans can watch episodes of foreign anime films for free on, which is owned by Funimation Productions Limited Liability Company (LLC). It is also possible to download these anime films onto smartphones using the Funimation app, which allows for offline viewing.

A very well-known brand name in the United States, and it is well-known for being the largest and most notable source of imported anime series from Japan.

One of the most frustrating aspects of being a free Funimation subscriber is the barrage of advertisements that appear whenever you try to watch an anime series on the platform.

In the sense that the amount of time spent watching advertisements can be greater than the actual duration of the anime movie, this can cause the viewer to become disinterested in watching the movie and can also be a waste of time that could have been spent doing other things.

As a result, free Funimation viewers are constantly on the lookout for ways to prevent these intrusive advertisements from interfering with their enjoyment of their favorite anime series on Funimation.

As a result, we will be looking into ways to prevent advertisements from appearing on Funimation. In order to prevent advertisements from appearing on your screen while you are watching anime movies on Funimation, you can try any of the methods listed below at your leisure.

How To Block Ads On Funimation?

When you try to watch any anime movie on Funimation’s website, they detect the presence of ad-blocking software, and they block you from viewing the video.

In order to effectively avoid the advertisements that appear on your screen, you will need to install additional software in addition to your ad-block software.

Many ad-blocking software programs are available for download and installation on your computer’s browser, including Adblock, Adblock Plus, Adguard AdBlocker, uBlock Origin, and AdBlock, among others.

To download any ad-block software you desire, you will first search for anyone you desire using a search engine and then click on the link to their website to download the most recent version of the software. You may be required to pay before you can download some of this ad-block software, so be prepared to do so.

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Additionally, some may require you to subscribe on a monthly basis in order to use them. After you have downloaded, installed, and enabled the ad-block software, the next step is to download and install the Anti-Adblock Killer, which can be found by searching for it on the internet and then installing it on your computer for use with your browser. ( Does Ad-block work on Funimation? )

As soon as you arrive at the Anti-Adblock Killer home page, navigate to the UserScript box and click on install to begin the installation of the script. Once the script has been successfully installed, you will be redirected back to the Anti-Adblock Killer home page. The function of Anti-Adblock Killer is to ensure that your ad-blocker remains active when you visit any website that does not allow ad-blocking action.

Because Anti-Adblock Killer is a script, you will also need to install a user script manager extension, such as Tampermonkey for the Opera and Chrome browsers or Greasemonkey for the Firefox browser, in order to use it.

Following the installation of Anti-Adblock Killer, you will be required to subscribe to the filter list for the specific ad-blocker that you are currently using on your web browser.

After you have completed all of these steps, you will need to re-launch your browser in order for the modifications to take effect, after which you will be able to watch your anime movie on Funimation without interruption.

Disabling JavaScript on Funimation:

Another option for watching anime series on Funimation without interruptions or advertisements is to disable the site’s JavaScript.

When you first open in your browser, look for the Funimation site information icon (which is usually located close to the website URL) and click on it to get more information.

Does Ad-block work on Funimation?

A list of options would be displayed after clicking on it; navigate to JavaScript, click on the drop-down icon beside it, and select block or disable depending on the browser you are using to complete the operation.

Check to see if it works by reloading the Funimation website. Please keep in mind that disabling JavaScript may have other consequences for Funimation.

Editing the script manually using DevTools for Chrome browser

It is useful if disabling JavaScript on Funimation does not work for you or if you do not want to install ad-blocking software on your computer. Using this method will prevent advertisements from appearing on Funimation until the webpage is reloaded or you exit the website.

If you want to get started, simply right-click anywhere on the Funimation page to bring up a drop-down menu, navigate downwards, and select inspecting from the list. Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I to get here.

Does Ad-block work on Funimation?

After clicking on this, you will be presented with a list of the various HTML codes that make up the specific Funimation page. The next step is to identify the HTML div element(s) that are responsible for your inability to block advertisements on Funimation, which can be found here.

The particular div element cannot be predicted, so in order to accomplish this, you will need to hover your cursor over each div element. Once the correct div element has been identified, the section of the Funimation website where you want to watch the anime movie will be highlighted.

Right-click on the div element and choose Delete element or Hide element from the context menu. You should now be able to watch your anime movie on Funimation without being interrupted by advertisements.

It is only necessary to reload the page and begin the process all over again if you made a mistake and deleted something that did not produce the desired result.

Additionally, if you are unable to scroll the Funimation webpage after deleting the specific div element, you will need to enable scrolling of the webpage by finding the HTML element that contains “Overflow: hidden” at the top of the HTML list and removing it.

After you have clicked on the downward arrow that is close to the body —-> tag, you will need to change the word “hidden” in the line of code to “scroll.” Try to locate something in the line of code that contains “scrolling: off” or “no-scroll” somewhere near the top of the script and replace it with something like “scrolling: on” or “scroll,” which is the more positive alternative to “scrolling: off.”