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Does Yin Yoga Help You Lose Weight?

Yes, Yin yoga can help you lose weight in almost no time. There are a lot of health benefits if you practice yoga daily. One of these benefits is that it helps you lose weight quickly. Yin yoga is a form of yoga in which we not only focus on the poses but also the transition between the poses as well. We keep moving from one pose to another using a specific form of motion. This movement in our muscles and body increases the rate of our metabolism. Once our metabolism rate increases, our body starts to consume fats in our body. This is how we lose weight quickly through the practice of yin yoga. This is one of the most successful ways to reduce weight. You should try it if you want to lose weight quickly.

How does Yin Yoga help in Weight Loss?

We start to gain weight as we reduce the amount of daily activity. We keep eating at the same pace, and we consume a lot of junk food with huge amounts of calories. No activity and an increased amount of energy cause our body to start the excessive energy to be stored. Our bodies start making fat cells to store the energy. Normal cells turn into fat cells and that is how we slowly start to gain weight. These fat cells also attack other cells and convert them into fat cells.

So, we know that it was caused by our inactivity. When you start yin yoga, it activates all of your muscles and increases the rate of your metabolism. As activity through yin yoga in your body increases, your body produces a lot of heat that helps burn these fat cells. Once these fat cells in our body start to break down, we quickly start to lose weight and regain our normal body health. This is how yin yoga helps in weight loss.

Weight Loss Through Yin Yoga – Pros and Cons:

Here are some pros and cons of weight loss through yin yoga – Arhanta Yoga

●    Pros:

  1. It helps you reduce weight without needing to go extreme lengths.
  2. You will not have to spend hours in gyms or running, or fasting to extreme lengths.
  3. Your body will become more active and it will help you prevent weight gain in the future.
  4. Muscles in your body will regain their stretchability and strength. That means you will be stronger and have better stamina.
  5. You will also be learning many other things and experiencing a lot of positive changes while you lose weight during the practice of yin yoga.
  6. Apart from weight loss, it will improve your physical and mental health at the same time. So that you can live a better life.

●    Cons:

  1. Requires regular practice.
  2. Can sometimes be exhausting for people.
  3. You will have to continue the practice to maintain the weight.

Where To Learn Yin Yoga For Weight Loss?

Now, you know that it is very beneficial to practice yin yoga for weight loss. But you cannot practice yoga without proper guidance. That is why you will need to learn Yin yoga. There are two ways to learn yoga. The first method, offline in yoga classes. You will have to join a local yoga ashram and learn to practice Yin yoga or have to travel a great distance to find a teacher and learn from him/her. The second method, online yin yoga classes. This requires no traveling and spending a huge amount. You just need an internet connection with a reliable teacher from whom you can learn.

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Arhanta Yoga Ashram:

Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the best places for beginners to go and learn yoga practice for weight loss. The Arhanta Yoga Ashram offers multiple online courses in yin yoga that you can join and learn the proper practice. As these are online classes, you will not have to travel or spend a huge amount. You can learn from home without needing to go out. So, you will not only learn, lose weight but will also be saving a lot of money as well. You can join their classes through the online website portal.


Obesity is a huge problem in first-world countries. It is a serious medical condition that can lead to fatal diseases. That is why it must be cured or treated properly. There are a lot of methods that can help you lose weight, but none of them is as good as yin yoga. Practicing yoga helps you quickly lose weight as it increases your metabolic rates and helps your body consume and burn fat cells. When this happens, you lose weight and become healthier. So, join the online classes of Arhanta Yoga Ashram and learn to practice.

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