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How Do I Enable 5G On My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10 Plus are one of the first devices to have 5G. So people asked us How Do I Enable 5G On My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

So, do you also have Galaxy S10 and want to know how to enable 5G then stay tuned because this article is specially designed for you. Well, it’s very simple to activate 5G on your Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus. All you just need to do is follow these simple steps mentioned below.

8 Steps to enable 5G on my Samsung Galaxy S10 plus

  1. You may take advantage of the fastest mobile connection possible by connecting to the 5G network Learn how to enable 5G on your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G by following these instructions.
  2. Re-enter the main menu. Swipe up or down on the screen to access the menu.
  3. To the right, please. Make your selections.
  4. Select Establishing and Maintaining Connections.
  5. Mobile networks are available.
  6. Turn on your computer’s Wi-Fi.
  7. Choose from 5G, LTE, 3G, and 2G. (auto connect).
  8. It seems that you’ve activated 5G on your Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. Take a look at the main menu.