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ETTV RSS – Best Torrent RSS Feeds Of 2022 You Should Know

We’ve compiled a list of the eight most popular torrenting sites that will still be around in 2022. Along with file-sharing services, numerous torrent sites have come and gone in recent years. As a result, it’s difficult to know who to put your faith in.

It’s also possible to download files in complete anonymity with the help of one of our suggested torrent VPNs. Here are the top 2022 torrent RSS feeds you need to be aware of. Start now!

Users can download content without putting too much demand on a hosting site using peer-to-peer download technologies like that utilized in torrents. As other users are downloading a file, you can take little parts of it when they are doing so. Fast file transfers made possible by the torrent method are a big hit with users.

This is unfortunate, given that torrents are mostly used to distribute pirated content. Most torrent aggregation websites have been forced to shut down or change their name or URL (The Pirate Bay comes to mind).

Torrent locations are constantly shifting, making it difficult to keep up. The finest torrenting sites for 2022 are included in this list. This means that you may also find the stuff you’re seeking using these top torrenting solutions.

Torrent Users Must Have A VPN

Anti-piracy methods are being used against both torrent hosting sites and torrent users, and you’ve probably heard a lot about them. ISPs, law enforcement agencies, and copyright holders have all been monitoring and investigating torrent use as it has grown in popularity over the previous several years.

Many of the most well-known torrent indexing sites, such as the ones we’ll discuss here, have been shut down by these organizations, as well as individual people.

If you utilize an insecure internet connection to download torrents, you are likely to be examined. Additionally, you may face severe repercussions from your ISP if they can demonstrate that you downloaded copyrighted information unlawfully from their servers.

When it comes to downloading, torrenting is considered to be a more serious method because of how the technology works. With a torrent, you are simultaneously downloading and hosting a piece of larger material.

That many others can access it since you downloaded it first. You’re not just downloading protected material, after all. Then then, if you’re also hosting it, that’s a much more serious violation of the law.

ETTV RSS – Best Torrent RSS Feeds Of 2022 You Should Know

There have even been occasions where copyright holders have intentionally allowed their content to be made available to the public. However, by hiding a tracker in the file, the copyright holders will also be able to know who has downloaded the content.

Each and every one of them should be threatened with a fine or criminal prosecution. There are copyright trolls and legal outfits that promise to send threatening letters to anybody who uses torrents. That imposes a fine on the user or threatens to take them to court if they don’t pay.

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As a matter of fact, you want to keep yourself safe from this kind of predatory behavior. This means that if you’re going to download torrents, you need to be sure that your internet traffic is encrypted.

Encrypting the data you transfer from your computer to the internet is easy with a VPN service. As a result, neither your Internet service provider nor any other third parties will be able to see what material or files you are reading or sharing. When you’re using torrents, it’s essential to protect yourself securely.

Choose a Great VPN | Torrent RSS Feeds

What are your options now that you’re aware of the need of using a VPN when accessing torrent sites? To that end, we’ve selected a few VPN services that we believe are the most effective at safeguarding torrent users. Among the factors, we take into account when recommending a VPN to you are the following:

  • Security. Is there a no-logs policy in place at the VPN provider? If so, how secure is their data transmission?
  • It’s Torrent-friendly. Is torrenting and other peer-to-peer (P2P) downloads allowed on the VPN’s network?
  • The speed at which a connection is established. How quick are the connections, in reality? It depends on whether or not they’re fast enough to download enormous files.
  • Servers are available at any given time. Which nations are represented by the company’s servers?
  • The sky’s the limit. Do torrents genuinely have no bandwidth limits, no throttling, and no other restrictions?

1. KickassTorrents

It was really one of the most well-known torrent sites, however, it was shut down in the spring of 2013. Clone sites appeared after the original site was shut down, pretending to be legitimate recreations of it. The developer team, on the other hand, did not formally endorse these sites.

As a result, the original KAT crew reunited in order to relaunch the popular torrent site at a new URL. Also, the new site offers all of the same material and functionality. Like the community connections, which allowed users to discuss and promote alternate content and file-sharing ways.

Along with its extensive torrent library, well-organized categories, and active user community, uTorrent also has a robust torrent community area. In addition to the new KAT, torrent users should be familiar with the old KAT.

2. isoHunt

IsoHunt is another well-known brand in the torrents game that has shifted domains over the past few years in order to avoid getting shut down. The stuff you’re seeking, like TV program episodes, movies, and music may also be found on isoHunt. Also included are eBooks and anime, both of which are less commonly seen.

ETTV RSS - Best Torrent RSS Feeds Of 2022 You Should Know

IsoHunt’s finest feature is how quickly fresh torrent files are added. Because new episodes of TV series are typically made accessible as soon as they air, this is a great way for you to stay up with your favorite shows.

3. LimeTorrents

Our top ten torrent sites for the year 2021 include Limtorrents once more. This is another service that provides access to a wide range of torrents. I’m referring to anything from TV shows to movies to video games and even Anime.

The fact that LimeTorrents is one of the finest torrent websites is due to the site’s frequent content upgrades, which make it look as though finding a healthy torrent is not difficult. Separate websites on the torrent site include updated listings of the top 100 most popular torrents, as well as the most recent torrents submitted to the website.

Additionally, users can set up their own accounts, which would be necessary. To be able to upload torrents, leave reviews, bookmark torrents, and communicate with other users, you’ll need to download the BitTorrent client application first.

4. Torrentz2

On the other hand, only 10 to 20 million people visit this torrent site each month. Torrentz2 is great for locating music, despite its lack of a comprehensive torrent library.

And when we say “very excellent,” we mean it has the most extensive music collection of all the open torrent sites. However, Torrentz2 lacks a lot of other features. There is a lot of ad incursion and the download speed isn’t excellent (we received ranging from 1 MB/s to 3 MB/s, with an average of around 2).

Furthermore, any sort of browsing options, such as searching by album, artist, or song would be very welcomed.. So if you can’t locate what you’re looking for elsewhere, keep this in mind.

5. 1337x

Movies, television shows, and music may all benefit form 1337X. It’s also popular among gamers, who use it to search for and download torrents of video games. Our analysis suggests that both RARBG and The Pirate Bay contain more torrents in this category, particularly for older releases.

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It was a horrible idea to utilize 1337X for torrenting a few years ago since it was difficult to operate and offered a number of security problems. Since then, it has undergone a complete redesign that has made it easier to use and more secure. You may also search for episodes and movies based on their award nominations, making it easier to find what you want.

I think it’s fair to say that this last set of modifications has brought in more than 53 million visitors every month. It has a download speed of 3-4 MB/s on average and almost no ad interruptions. Bitcoin donations appear to be the only source of income for the project’s developers.