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EZTV RSS – EZTV Introduces BitTorrent RSS Standard, With Magnets

For years, almost every torrent site, major or little, has released RSS feeds. In spite of its compatibility, BitTorrent feeds have never had an agreed-upon format. Torrent site administrators were encouraged to come up with a BitTorrent RSS standard by RSS creator Dave Winer, and the first spec was issued by EZTV.

An abbreviation for ‘Really Simple Syndication, RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication.” Automatic updates from your favorite websites, including pirate sites, may be delivered to your computer using this simple process.

At some point in 2013, TorrentFreak interviewed RSS creator Dave Winer on the state of RSS feeds on most pirate sites. Developers that wish to make BitTorrent applications have a challenge since nearly every site utilizes a distinct format.

The BitTorrent RSS namespace, according to Dave Winer, is “pretty much a disaster,” as he described it in a blog post for TorrentFreak. To encourage torrent site administrators to participate, Winer stated, “Let’s clean it up.”

Torrent site administrators quickly responded to this call for action, and the EZTV team implemented a BitTorrent RSS standard on their sister site ezRSS only yesterday.

We can now give more specific data to applications as well as users in a structured format, thanks to the creation of the BitTorrent RSS namespace,” said EZTV’s Novak in an interview with TorrentFreak. “The current RSS spec was rather limited when it came to torrent information and some of the methods other RSS feeds were doing in regards to torrents was just messy,” Novak said.

Many of the suggestions made by Dave Winer have already been implemented. Despite the fact that we have only released version 0.1 – so far, we are already working on version 0.2,” he said.

Everyone who utilizes RSS feeds on BitTorrent sites will ultimately profit from standardization, even if they don’t care about the details. Magnet links and more advanced download ‘rules,’ based on the number of seeds and peers, will be possible with this new feature.

As Novak said, this new standard has been established with assistance from other BitTorrent community leaders in order to ensure a wide adoption across torrent sites.

Many other torrent admins and I are currently working on an easy RSS builder that will generate RSS feeds using this new namespace, allowing anyone who wants to use it to do so with ease, he said.

User feedback is being solicited for the next iteration of the new spec on ezRSS, which is now available. To make downloading even easier and more convenient for torrent users, the new standard should lead to a wide range of new and exciting RSS tools.