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How to find all accounts linked to my email address?

Nowadays, we all use email to link our newly created accounts, and we forget to keep track of them. So, How do I find all accounts linked to my email address? you asked.

Using these approaches, you may discover all accounts associated with the email address or phone number you provided and prevent the online exploitation of your personal information.

Most of us have signed up for several internet accounts, only to have them disappear into the ether, never to be used again.

A phone number or email address you provided during registration is now vulnerable to being abused. Is there a way I can locate all of the accounts related to my email address?

Updating or deactivating your login credentials should be done across your accounts, but this isn’t always as simple as clicking the “Find My Account” option. The following are methods for finding all charges related to your e-mail address or cell phone number.

Let us find all accounts linked to my email address?

If you often use an email platform’s fast authorization button to sign in to applications and websites, you won’t have to dig too far to search accounts by email and examine your most recent reports.

You may access Gmail’s security settings for accounts set up by “Signing Up With Google” directly. You may then see the list of associated applications and make changes or cancel permissions.

How can I do this to find out which websites my email address has been linked to? It’s simple to use Google’s Security features.
Go to the My Account dashboard and select the Security button on the left to access this portion of Google.

To check which accounts are connected to your email, the Google UI takes you step-by-step through the process.

Manage Third-Party Access may be found at the bottom of the page under Third-party applications with account access.

How to find all accounts linked to my email address?

Using Gmail, it is possible to see where your e-mail has been accessed.
You can adjust their settings if you’ve linked any apps to your account. The app’s permissions will also be shown for your review.

What is the reason behind this? Is there anything wrong with the email address I’m using?
Select the app or website you want to remove access from, and then click Remove Access on the menu that appears.

2. Find Social Sign-Ins With Facebook and Twitter

Your social network accounts also provide easy access to all the applications and websites you’ve signed into.

Go to Settings and privacy from the sidebar on Twitter to change your privacy settings and permissions. Apps and sessions may be found under Security and account access. All of the accounts you’ve connected to your Twitter profile will be shown here.

On social media networks like Facebook, you have complete control over what you post and what you don’t. For example, you may keep a third-party account linked to your Facebook account but limit its access to the sites you’ve liked.

3. Search Your Inbox for Account Verification Messages

Another option is to go through your email and look for the confirmation emails from each new account.

Look for recurring themes in your search terms. When you sign up for a new account, these services will send you an email confirmation. In addition to “signing up” and “thank you,” try “confirm” or “confirming” as well.

One method to view all of my Gmail’s connected accounts.
Gmail’s search operators and keywords may also look for individual topic lines in Gmail. A search for emails with the subject line “verify,” for example, returns all of those emails.