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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi Issue?

Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi Issue: Samsung has dominated the smartphone market with wonderful devices like the Galaxy S5.

Great camera, display, and design. Also, the screen and battery are bigger.

A 2800mAh battery and 2 GB RAM. Memory is 16/32 GB, microSD extendable.

Biometrics is now on the 5.1-inch screen. As a result, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is enticing.

All of these features captivate phone enthusiasts, and many of them pick up the Samsung Galaxy S5 without hesitation. Some people are unhappy with the Samsung Galaxy S5’s slow Wi-Fi. Users report that their Galaxy S5 cannot connect to WiFi. Others claim their devices connect to the network but then drop it.

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Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi Issue

Before continuing, learn how to improve your Samsung Galaxy S5’s Wi-Fi.

There is nothing to worry about if you are experiencing Samsung Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi issues. Here’s how to solve it.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi Issue

Solution 1:

Restart your phone and check whether the issue persists. If this doesn’t work, download and install Wi-Fi Fixer on your PC. Wifi Fixer is an Android app that fixes wifi issues. It’s possible to get the APK here or on Google Play.

Solution 2:

The router and modem should be reset as well. Close and restart the router and modem after turning them off and waiting a few seconds to see whether the sluggish Wi-Fi problem has been repaired.

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Solution 3:

If you’ve tried the aforementioned steps and the problem persists, try forgetting the problematic Wi-Fi network and reconnecting. Forget Wi-Fi:

  • Swipe down the screen to reveal the notification panel.
  • Next, select Wi-Fi from the network connection menu.
  • It will show you several Wi-Fi networks. Choose one and forget it.
    Re-add the Wi-Fi network to see if it helps.

Solution 4:

Cleaning your S5’s cache partition is another simple repair. So,

  • First, switch off your S5.
  • Keep holding the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons.
  • Hold the power key and the other two keys.
  • The Android System Recovery screen will come shortly.
  • Shows alternatives.
  • By pressing Power, you may select “wipe cache partition”.
  • Then select ‘reboot system now to restart your machine.

Other solutions to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Wi-Fi Issue include:

  • Bandwidth reconfiguration
  • Changing router broadcast
  • Modifying modem and router security help.
  • If nothing works, contact your ISP for more bandwidth.

Solution 5:

User Comment

I found this patch on another thread and it works great! I love it!

  • Install “DNS SET”
  • Forget your current WIFI
  • Re-login to your existing WIFI
  • Open the  “DNS SET” App and select AUTO-RUN
  • Use “OK LA SPEEDTEST” to test your WiFi speed.

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