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Here’s How to Change Font Size And Style on Samsung Galaxy A50?

Our lives are made easier by smartphones. Text, surf the web, snap photos, and play games are all at our fingertips thanks to our smartphones. The experience can improve even further with a few small changes. If you want to make your Android phone exactly how you want it, you may easily do so. Rearrange the images in the background. As opposed to the alert tone? It has to be reworked. Font size and style can also alter. Keep reading if you wish to do so on your new A50 but are unsure how. We’ll show you how it works. How can I change the font size and style of the text on my Samsung Galaxy A50?

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Here’s How to Change Font Size And Style on Samsung Galaxy A50?

It is possible to make the entire experience more fun and personalized by altering the text size and style used throughout. In addition, you might pick a font that is simpler to read and more pleasant on the eyes by searching online. Let’s take a look at how we can make these modifications:

Font Size And Style Samsung Galaxy A50

  • Open the A50’s Settings app.
  • Next, select Display.
  • Right-click on Font Size and Style.
  • The font style and size can customize to your liking. Select a new font style by tapping on that menu item and then choosing a new font style from the list that appears. To alter the font size, move the slider to the left or right of that selection.
  • Toggle the switch next to “Bold Font” to make it appear bold.

Everything about this is as simple as it appears. You only need to make a few taps to complete the process. You can now make the modifications you want with ease.

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