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Samsung Galaxy S10 Touch Screen Calibration: Here’s How To Do It?

To do this, first of all, we will see in which situations it is interesting to re-calibrate your phone screen, and, secondly, Galaxy S10 touch screen calibration.

When using an Android smartphone, we are limited to using the phone’s screen to access its many features and menus.

Mobile phones with keypads have been phased out for some years now…

For Samsung Galaxy S10 owners who have noticed that the screen’s sensitivity is deteriorating or does not react as it should, frequent use of the device is likely to become more challenging.

Here, we’ll show you how to calibrate the screen of a Samsung Galaxy S10 for those in this position.

This approach is simple to implement and may prove quite advantageous to you.

How can I check if the touch screen of my galaxy S10 is calibrated correctly?

The fact that you can quickly establish whether the issue is with the calibration of your Samsung Galaxy S10 screen will be a relief to you.

Most Android versions feature a built-in screen calibration test.

You’ll be able to view anything you do on your screen with this test. It will enable you to try to build forms by following models and rapidly determine whether or not your screen is calibrated appropriately. It’s time for us to let you in on a little secret:

  • On your Samsung Galaxy S10, open the Phone app.
  • Entering * # 0 * # will take you to your phone’s hidden menu for testing.
  • Select “touch” from the drop-down option.
  • Using the cross-shaped figure on your screen, you may now conduct your tests.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Touch Screen Calibration

We now explain how to fix it for Samsung Galaxy S10 owners who found that their phone’s screen calibration was the root of the problem.

  1. Changing the settings on your phone begins with running a simple free software, which you can get here.
  2. Google Play is where you’ll find the app.
  3. Your Samsung Galaxy S10 should now have the Touchscreen Calibration software installed.
  4. Begin using the program.
  5. Calibrate your Samsung Galaxy S10 screen using the methods provided.
  6. You’ll get a report at the end detailing all of the modifications made to your phone’s settings.