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The 14 most common Galaxy S8 problems and how to fix them!

Since its debut a few years ago, the Galaxy S8 has been highly popular, and it has even managed to redeem some of the harm done to Samsung’s reputation by the Galaxy Note 7. Even said, this Samsung model is far from flawless, and we will discuss some of the most prevalent Galaxy S8 issues below.

If you want to find out which ones they are and how to remedy them, keep reading our post below!

1. WiFi disconnecting

Unfortunately, WiFi is one of the functions that, for no apparent reason, creates the most problems on almost every gadget (we even have a whole article about the Android WiFi connection issues). In certain circumstances, the connection becomes too sluggish, drops, or you cannot sync programmes that need internet access.

If you discover that the first option is not functioning, we recommend that you deactivate WiFi for a few seconds and reset your device. Finally, don’t forget to check whether the WiFi network works on other devices.

2. Problems with Bluetooth

Bluetooth, like WiFi, has produced a slew of issues on the Galaxy S8, with one of the most prevalent being a lack of reception. For example, many consumers have issues connecting their Bluetooth gadgets to their smartphones.

Aside from restarting your phone, another piece of advice we can provide you is always to keep all of your applications and Android versions up to date. When it comes to Bluetooth gadgets that aren’t operating correctly, it’s always a good idea to check whether they operate correctly with your other devices since they may be the source of some issues rather than your phone.

3. Galaxy S8 Reddish screen

This is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent Galaxy S8 issues that are exclusive to this smartphone. Most of its customers remarked that the display had a considerably more red-looking tone than anticipated or predicted.

Although the issue has been resolved with an update, there is still a potential that you will be stranded without it. As a result, you may quickly resolve the issue by adjusting your display settings!

4. Camera automatically closing

It’s normal for freshly introduced smartphones to experience camera troubles at the start of their lives, and the Galaxy S8 was no different. If you continue to see the notice “The Camera has failed” after launching the app to take a photo, try the following:

First, you may reset your phone to see whether your camera returns to regular operation.

5. Speakers not working

The most common cause of your Galaxy S8’s non-functional speakers (or speakers that perform poorly) is that it has recently come into contact with water. Because the gadget is IP68 rated (meaning it can withstand water without trouble), it’s usual for users to leave it unsecured in the pool or on rainy days.

While this will not harm your phone, it may create temporary problems, such as speakers that do not sound correctly. It would help if you waited for the gadget to dry up in such circumstances before all of its functions could resume regular operation.

6. Galaxy S8 Slow wireless charging

Although the wireless charging capability is quite convenient, many people argue that it is incredibly sluggish and not worth using compared to most standard charging methods. While wireless charging is slower than cable charging, it should not be sluggish enough to create problems, and as such, it might be caused by other reasons.

7. Battery just doesn’t last long enough

When it comes to batteries, it’s pretty usual to encounter a customer who complains about the battery on their Galaxy S8 dying too rapidly. Despite being considerably more optimised than previous models, the smartphone is quite powerful and has a big enough screen to drain any battery quickly.

We suggest that you keep your brightness low, deactivate heavy functions when not in use, and make use of Android’s Doze feature. It is already preloaded, and it allows the system to conserve up to 50% of battery life while your screen is facing down.

8. Galaxy S8 Device overheating

When users do heavy activities, phones with powerful chipsets, notably Samsung models that employ the Exynos chipset, get quite heated. Even yet, if you’re not cautious, the Galaxy S8 goes overboard. If you feel the heat bothering you, we suggest that you cease using the device for a few minutes.

We also suggest that you avoid using heavy applications while the phone is charging since the battery charging process generates a lot of heat. Another helpful suggestion is to avoid running many programmes in the background since this might use resources.

9. Phone rebooting itself

Modern cellphones restarting on their own has become a common and recurrent issue. This is usually caused by an out-of-date app or even the operating system.

This might result in quite a few conflicts, so always remember to keep your Android version and installed applications up to date!