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Is your Samsung Galaxy S8 having problems? Why isn’t my computer turning on? Are you stopped at the Samsung Logo? Is your battery not charging properly? Does your computer continually reboot? Freezing? Don’t be concerned! We’re going to show you how to address those problems right now! One of the most common causes of such issues might be data corruption in the operating system’s database. Such unforeseen troubles may develop if the device’s system file has been corrupted due to an error. Remove any old system caches and data that may have been causing the issue in this situation.

Depending on the source of your Galaxy S8’s charging problem, either a low battery or a system malfunction might be to blame. Occasionally, battery charging troubles on portable electronic devices emerge due to severely low battery power. In any case, we will discuss strategies for resolving a variety of issues that have arisen on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The following difficulties might be fixed by implementing the procedures listed below:

  • The screen will not turn on and will remain dark until you restart it.
  • I’m stuck at the Samsung logo on the screen (booting problem)
  • Rebooting or restarting is an ongoing process.
  • Keeps the temperature below zero.
  • Although the battery is not charging and the screen is not turning on, the gadget remains operational.


If your Galaxy S8 is not charging correctly, the first thing we will attempt to resolve the problem is to force the device to reboot. In addition, we will charge the smartphone for more than 30 minutes, just in case the battery is running low. When the battery power is at an all-time low, it might create battery charging problems in rare circumstances. Tips: If your device is stuck or frozen or not responding and has a black screen, you may force it to reboot.

It is recommended that you charge the gadget for at least 30 minutes before turning it on. Is the screen still not turning on?
If the problem with the battery charging persists, press and hold the Power button for about 20 seconds, or until the device turns off and on again.
Whether the issue persists, try recharging the device and seeing if the problem persists.
If the battery is still not charging, what should I do? Attempt to charge your device using a different charging cord. The solution may be straightforward. Some charging cords from third-party sources will not function correctly. Make an effort to utilize an OEM cable.


Determine whether or not you can boot into safe mode on the device in question. If this is the case, applications or system data may have been damaged. The safe mode must be enabled before the computer can be booted.

  • Please ensure that the gadget is turned off.
  • As soon as the Samsung logo appears on the screen, press and hold down the Volume Down button until the device enters safe mode. Turn on the smartphone.
  • What is the best way to tell whether I’m in Safe Mode? Safe mode may be found in the bottom left corner of the screen if you check there.
  • If you can properly boot into safe mode, an application may be causing the issue. In this scenario, you must identify the app causing the problem and remove it from your device.


Those issues might be occurred due to old system caches crash. If the system caches and data are damaged due to faults, the device may freeze or get stuck during the loading process. The problem will be resolved by wiping all caches, which will take a while. Don’t worry; wiping the cache partition will not affect your data. It’s one of the safest ways to resolve the problem without losing data.

The first step is to boot into recovery mode, where we will perform a wipe cache partition. The first thing we need to do is turn off the computer.

To enter recovery mode after the device has been fully shut down, press and hold the Volume Down+Home+Power keys together until the recovery mode screen shows on your device’s display screen.

03. When the recovery mode screen appears, use the Volume down key to browse the Wipe Cache Partition option from the menu and select it with the power button.

The Galaxy S8 won’t switch on, is stuck at the Samsung logo, and the battery isn’t charging properly.

04. When wiping the cache partition is complete, click reboot the system now to restart the computer.