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How to fix Galaxy S9 plus touch screen not working issue?

It’s been three years since the release of the beast. Yes, I’m talking about the Galaxy S9. But, Why is my Galaxy S9 plus touch screen not working issue? You asked.

Sometimes it’s a little annoying when you realize your smartphone’s touch isn’t functioning correctly. In this post, we present several different solutions to answer your query: How to repair Samsung Galaxy S9’s unresponsive touch screen problem.

Have you ever pondered what creates such an issue? Probably yeah. Most of the time, it occurs due to physical damage to the display of your Samsung Galaxy S9.

But that’s not the only cause, and such troubles may also develop in your phone due to a recent software update (along with specific bugs or glitches, which make the touch screen not operate correctly) (included with some bugs or glitches, which make the touch screen not work correctly).

How to fix Galaxy S9 plus touch screen not working issue?

Reboot your phone

When your Samsung Galaxy S9’s touch screen becomes unresponsive, the most popular solution replaces the touch screen. All the processes operating in the background are cleared and freed up after a phone reset.

The programs operate more smoothly as a result of this approach. In such a case, restart your phone. Your issue should be solved now.

What’s going on? There’s nothing to worry about. We’ve also included a few more options in the following section:

Boot into safe mode

Using safe mode, you may restore your Samsung Galaxy S9 to its state before you turned it on for the first time. For a brief period, your Android phone’s Safe Mode turns off all third-party apps.

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Rebooting your phone will restore it to its default settings. What if you want to put your Samsung Galaxy S9 into safe mode? What you must do is as follows:

Hold down the power button until a menu appears. You’ll notice a “Reboot to safe mode” message if you press and hold the Power off sign for 3 to 4 seconds. Press the “OK” button.

That’s all there is to it. Safe mode has been activated. In safe way, check whether your touch screen works correctly.

If it’s operating well, you may be experiencing an issue with specific newly installed third-party applications on your phone. Those apps should be uninstalled and reinstalled from Google Play.

Test your Display

Yes, you may use specific applications from the Google Play Store to evaluate the Samsung Galaxy S9’s display. Apps like Display Tester let you see how well your smartphone’s screen performs under various lighting conditions.

Factory Reset

You may have already used this approach to repair other problems with your phone.

The data on your Samsung Galaxy S9 will be deleted entirely if you use this procedure, and your phone will behave as if it was brand new (but don’t anticipate the same performance).

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When you do a factory reset on your phone, all of the data and settings altered by third-party applications are reverted to their original defaults.

Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before using this strategy. Back up all of your vital data now.

To reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 to factory settings:

To do a complete system reset, go to Settings > System > Advanced > Reset Options > Erase all data. “Reset Phone” should be selected from the menu.

As the last step, you may be prompted to enter your password at this point. Your phone’s touch screen should function correctly after a factory reset.

We hope you now understand how to fix the unresponsive touch screen on your Samsung Galaxy S9.