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Google Drive vs. Google Photos: What is the difference between them?  

Your presence here clearly shows us that you want to know the main difference between Google Drive vs. Google Photos; if so, then welcome because you are on the right spot because we will be discussing it in this article. 

Many people move from IOS to Android for the first time in their entire life, and when they move it, they see already installed google apps such as Google Drive and Google Photos, but they can’t know shit about it. 

While on the other hand, it sometimes also happens when a new user comes to an android and starts using it, then its storage gets packed, so this might be the first question that pops up in his mind: where should I store my data? That is where Google Drive vs. Google Photos comes into play.

This article will compare each aspect of Google Drive vs. Google Photos, take a deep dive into their features, and see how you can take the maximum benefit out of it. Furthermore, we have also designed a comparison table that will help you know the main difference between them. In the last, we will give you a way to see your google photos on your google drive. If that sounds interesting to you, then let us begin this article. 

Google Drive vs. Google Photos: A Quick Comparison 

When I have started using Android for the first time, I have also faced the same issue. At first, both apps directly come from Google and are used to store videos and photos. Then this question pops into my mind: if they both offer the same services, why does Google have two different apps. Then I started researching it and found that these two different services could make my life much easier. So, what I have learned after hours of research on Google Drive vs. Google Photos in 2021 is mentioned below. 

  • Google Drive

Google Drive is just like a storage device to upload all your photos, videos, and files. You can upload all your gallery at once there, and all of these photos were in disorder. Just remember, you have to upload them manually. 

  • Google Photos 

While on the other hand, if we look at Google Photos, you can probably tell, as the name suggests, it is used to backup and sync your photos and videos. You can upload your pics directly from your Pc or with your phone gallery and view them later on from anywhere in the world by using your Google account. Google Photos stores your photos or videos and arranges them according to the date they were captured or creates a short type of montage. You can also edit these pics within the Google photos. 


So, yeah, that’s the quick summary of both Google Drive vs. Google Photos. If you want to know more about it, stay tuned because more exciting things are on their way in this article. 

Google Drive vs. Google Photos: The Ultimate Comparison 

Now we have told you what the significant difference between Googscan any Drive and Google Photos is. So, now let us compare it in more depth and see them with multiple factors. 

Google Drive vs. Google Photos: Table Comparison 


Comparison by Features Google Drive  Google Photos 
Functions  Google Drive is used as backup storage to store all your files, documents, pics, and videos. Google Photos is used to store photos, videos, and gifs in online cloud storage.
User Interface Google Drive acts just like other file storing devices or apps. When you open it, it will show you all your stored files.  Google Photos user interface is similar to the gallery because when you open it, you will see all your photos and videos arranged with the .date
How they Organised In Google Drive, files and pics can be moved from one folder to another because it is entirely manual.  In Google Photos, the pics are stored and organized by the app, and you cant move them from one folder to another folder. 
Storage  Google Drive offers 15 GB of free storage for all your files and can be increased depending on your subscription.   Google Photos will provide you with an unlimited amount of storage for all your photos and videos. 
Editing Google Drive does not allow its user to edit their photos, but you can edit your file Google Photos allows you to edit your photos within the app, and also you can make a collage or a short montage within the Google photos
Photo Scan Google Drive allows you to scan photos and store them within the app  By the time of writing this article, Google Photos does not allow you to scan any photos. You have to install a third-party application for this purpose. 
Google Lens  Google Drive does not have the direct feature of Google Lens. You have to download it separately. While on the other hand, Google Photos has an inbuilt feature of Google Lens that allows you to scanany object and search it on Google. 
Sharing  Google Drive allows you to share duplicate or multiple files with different people at the same time.  While on the other hand Google Photos only allows you to share your photos or videos with only one person at a time. 


From the above table, you answer this question that most people ask: Google Drive and Google Photos have the same storage. Now, let us move to the second part. 

Google Drive vs. Google Photos: Moving Data Comparison

Now, let us compare both Google Drive vs. Google Photos and learn how you can move data from Google Drive to Google Photos and vice versa.

How to move photos from Google Drive to Google Photos?

Before I tell you how this question might pop up in your mind, why should I transfer my pics from Google Drive to Google Photos and this is a valid question. As we have already told you, Google Drive offers 15 GB of limited storage. On the other hand, Google Photos allows you to store an unlimited amount of storage. When the Google Drive storage is whole, people transfer their photos to Google Photos to increase their storage. 

Step 1:- Open your Google Photos from Chrom

Step 2: – At the top right corner, you will see the gear icon and upload

Step 3: – Select upload from Google Drive

Step 4: – Click on your photos folder and select all photos by Ctrl-A 

Step 5: – Click Upload, and your photos will be uploaded to Google Photos 


Final Verdict

Well, now it is time to wrap up the article. This article has taken an in-depth look at Google Drive vs. Google Photos and compared all their features side by side. Furthermore, for your ease, we have also designed and shared a table with you that will help you understand this comparison. If you still have any confusion feel free to ask in the comment section. We would love to resolve your queries. If you like this article and love to read more from us, you can also read articles on the virus by clicking here.