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GPU vs Graphic card

GPU vs Graphic cardHey! If you know the ultimate difference between GPU vs Graphic card, then welcome you are in the right place. In today’s article, we will be crystal clear from the concept of GPU vs Graphic card.

GPU and graphics are used for the same purpose; you have to read this article to know this. After reading this article, you will know about the difference between 

GPU and graphic cards and everything about it, their difference, their characteristics, their different factors, etc. To know this, you have to stay tuned with me.

What are GPU and Graphic cards?

GPU stands for graphics processing unit, and it is a specialized processor designed to accelerate graphics rendering. It can process many pieces of data continuously and make them useful for machine learning, gaming applications, and video edition. GPU integrated with the computer’s CPU and offered as a discrete hardware unit. Whereas graphics cards are display adapters or video cards installed with the most computing devices to display graphical data with high clarity, color, etc., it is an expansion card for the computer responsible for exhibiting images to the display. 

Cons and pros for graphics card 

  • Performance:

A graphics card increases the system performance to a greater extent. It has a graphic processing unit that does the work of graphic processing. Gamers or video editors mostly use graphic cards because they want to perform extreme graphic tasks, so they need a graphic card that enhances their system performance. For example, if you are a Fortnite player, you know how extreme power this game requires in terms of graphics, and that’s why you need a graphic card to increase your performance. 

  • Memory usage 

Computers having built-in graphics card shares a part of memory for the system for their functioning. These additional memories are faster as compared to the computer or system’s memory.

  • Video experience 

Not only for gaming, but these graphic cards are also perfect for enhancing the video, more specifically for HD and Blu-ray movies. As we have already told you above, graphic cards are also used by video editors to enhance graphics, and nowadays, graphic cards are also used to mine cryptocurrency. 

  • Driver support 

After a specific time, every game updates and takes more and more storage and graphics, and it is the most significant advantage of graphics cards containing better driver support.  

Disadvantages of graphics card

  • Cost 

Graphics cards are costly but, most importantly, depend on the model. If we want the excellent performance of the card, then the price of the graphic card also increases. But, to be very honest, if you are a gamer and want to increase your performance and enhance your gaming experience, then trust me, it’s worth spending a few more bucks on a graphic card. 

  • Speed 

There is high resolution and color then performance also effects.  

  •  Overheating 

 Graphics cards consume more power which generates more heat. But remember that heat is always less than your PC heat that it produces before installing the graphic card. 

  • Weight 

Laptops or computers having graphics cards become heavy, and it becomes impossible to find thin laptops having graphic cards. That’s why consumers prefer PCs for gaming because you can easily modify your PC according to your own needs. 

Cons of GPU 

GPU is more time-consuming to construct and may take away from the main point being discussed. Introductions are best when liberated from interruptions, and some in the crowd might lose center by redirecting consideration regarding ostentatious illustrations in the show.

Pros of GPU 

The advantage of GPUs is that it takes less time to apply complex filters to photos and gives special effects to videos. 

GPU vs Graphics card 

GPU specialized electronic circuit manufactured to rapidly manipulate and alter memory to speed up the creation of images in a frame buffer intended for output to a display device. GPU manipulates computer graphics and image processing. A Graphics card is an expansion card in the PC that generates a feed of output images to a device display. The graphic card generates images to output on the display unit of the devices.  It is also known as a video card, display adapter, and graphics adapter. Coprocessor GPU is located inside the graphic card. The main difference is the graphics card unit that performs the image processing and the graphics card is an expansion card that creates images to play on the output device.

Price of Graphics Card Price in Pakistan.

There are the different prices of different models. 


RX 5600 XT Rs. 150,000
Nvidia RTX 2070  Rs. 206, 837
Nvidia RTX2080  Super  Rs.  440,000
Nvidia RTX 2070 super  Rs. 495,299


Why do we need a GPU and Graphics card? 

There is consistently a ton of jabber about PC graphic cards because of more significant and better models at regular intervals. However, it’s not in every case clear who entirely one. Let’s investigate what they are and whether or not they’re a solid match for your PC

Best Graphics cards for gaming 2021.

Many graphic cards are best for gaming; some are listed down for saving your time: 

  1. AMD’s Radeon RX6600
  2. Radeon RX 6600 XT 
  3. AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution 
  4. RTX 3080 
  5. RTX 3060 Ti 

And there are many more graphic cards that are best for gaming.

Integrated GPU 

Integrated graphics is a built-in GPU into the processor. After using these integrated graphics, do not use a separate memory bank. Integrated GPU uses less power, and it creates less amount of heat, which might result in longer battery life. Integrated graphics are primarily found in smaller form factor systems such as laptops and intel.

Factors that enhance mobile GPU performance.

In this article, we are very much clear about the comparison of GPU vs Graphic cards. Several factors influence the GPU performance that is described below.

  • GPU architecture 

GPU that uses a new flagship architecture must perform better. In a Mali GPU, the number only close to Mali relates to the specific architecture or plan it is utilizing..

  • Fabrication process

Fabrication has enhanced the speed and efficiency of GPU, which is more specifically best for gaming.

  • clock frequency 


GPU performance somehow depends upon the rate of the GPU frequency. If its frequency is higher, then automatically, its performance is also the best.


So, I  hope this article is not only helpful to understand the GPU vs Graphic card but also helpful to understand different terms related to GPU vs Graphic card such as its price, which one are the best for laptops as well as for the mobiles, different factors which enhances its performance.  

Now, if you go out to buy a new graphic card, then review this article for one time; it will be constructive for you. To know an exciting thing and factors about technology, we welcome you to our website; click here.