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How Big Is A Parcel In Decentraland?

One of the many queries players have in relation to the Decentraland virtual platform is the size of a parcel.

As a result of its Land Parcel function, Decentraland has become a popular platform today since users may create, purchase or sell land, and even become landowners as they move around the network.

We’ll take a look at Decentraland and address a question that a number of gamers have raised about it.

A look at Decentraland

The Ethereum blockchain powers the decentralized virtual reality application Decentraland. User-created content and apps are available to everybody on the Decentraland platform.

When it comes to Decentraland, users need to be aware of the fact that the platform is encircled by a non-fungible digital asset called LAND, which is stored in an Ethereum smart contract.

Cartesian coordinates are used to identify parcels of land on Decentraland (x,y).

Decentraland’s cryptocurrency token, MANA, may be used to acquire these plots, which are permanently held by members of the community.

A user may construct whatever they want, from static 3D scenery to more dynamic apps and games, using this feature.

In certain cases, themed communities or districts have been established on specific pieces of land. The community may establish shared places with similar interests and purposes by grouping properties into districts.

At the end of the day, Decentraland is comprised of ninety-six thousand one hundred and sixty-one different pieces of real estate.

The Land Manager

It’s possible to manage LAND and Estate assets on Decentraland using the Land manager.

  1. Allows users to do additional things:
  2. Give a public description of the properties they own and their portions and estates.
  3. Merge land lots into a single estate
  4. An estate may be divided up and divided up again.
  5. Transfer ownership of their plots and estates to another person.
  6. Allow other users to modify the parcels they have access to.

Land Mortgages

First, customers needed to accept the Ripio Credit Network’s smart contracts to execute transactions on their behalf using MANA and RCN tokens before they could apply for a LAND mortgage on the Decentraland marketplace.

How big is a Parcel in Decentraland?

For them, all they had to do was to enter their account settings and tick all relevant boxes, before locating and selecting their desired loan amount.

A short application form and a deposit of at least 10% of the purchase price of the piece are all that are required after that.

How big is a parcel in Decentraland?

According to the Decentraland Docs, the dimensions of a lot in Decentraland are 1616 meters (5252 feet).

A major factor in Decentraland’s decision to maintain its present size is that it might have a detrimental influence on material that has already been developed on the platform.

For those who already have scenes developed, increasing the parcel size would offer a lot of extra room around your material, according to the developers.

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Aside from providing visual and aesthetic uniformity, Decentraland would also be limiting the discoverability of various materials by increasing parcel size.

You’ll have to go further to witness a greater range of experiences if you limit the number of packets you may see at once.

As a final result of bigger and more vast LAND, getting from one side of the LAND to the other would need a much longer walk.

Benefits of increasing the LAND size

Making it simpler for single-parcel owners to develop livable structures and buildings is one of the most evident advantages of increasing land size.

Despite the fact that Decentraland’s developers claim that not everyone can have their own castle, the 100 square meter plots that are available are hardly big enough to erect a modest home.

In order to maximize the usage of their virtual real estate, LAND holders with only one or a few parcels would be significantly better served by raising the LAND size.

How big is a Parcel in Decentraland?

An additional advantage of using bigger parcels is a more pleasing visual appearance across the map.

The last benefit of increasing parcel size is that you’re able to see fewer things at once.

Because there would be fewer packages for the client to produce, this would result in an enticing performance increase.


At least one LAND parcel is required for each Decentraland scene.

The scene should resemble the form of the location where you wish to distribute anything to LAND parcels you own.

You may change the number of rows and columns in an existing scene by clicking the pencil symbol next to the scene name.

Users would have to level the ground, add objects, and then place those objects in order to create a scene.

Scene boundaries and limitations

Scene limits and constraints are established because all elements must be contained inside the parcels that make up the scenes. In the event that anything extends beyond of the LAND parcels, it would be a violation of the rules.

A red x will appear on the item if it extends beyond the confines of the package. This is preventing the Builder from allowing you to publish the scene.

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Bounding boxes are used to define the boundaries of 3D models. Even if the model’s visual form is contained inside the scene, the model’s corners may extend beyond the boundaries of the scene.

Additionally, this situation must be remedied since it is out of boundaries. In order to keep the bounding boxes as close to the model as feasible while importing a 3D model with out-of-bounds bounding boxes, you should alter the model.

Scenes in Decentraland may only include a certain number of textures, triangles, and the like, in order to make them as light as possible.

Final Note

It’s possible to purchase and develop scenes on a variety of plots of land in Decentraland, but all of them have the same size: 16×16 meters. Perhaps Decentraland will eventually expand the LAND size, but it isn’t completely impossible.