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How do I fix error code M7111 1331?

As we know that, Netflix is one of the most popular and the biggest streaming platforms with over 210 million users worldwide. But, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t face any technical issues or streaming errors. 

Millions of people start reporting that they are facing different errors such as M7111 1331 or m7111-5059 and to be honest, it was very frustrating and irritating as well because we cant stream. 

Well, if you are one of that users and still wondering how do I  fix error M7111 1331 then stay tuned because this article is specially written for you. Don’t worry we can easily solve it. Just follow all the instructions given below and enjoy your next season. 

What is Netflix Error code M7111 1331 & Why it Occurs?

This error usually occurs when the user tries to steam the content from different browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc. 

The error may include these points

  1. You are using the link of  the website that no longer exists
  2. Your Browser extension is now Incompatible with Netflix

The error may also occur due to bad data stored in your browser history which we clear in a moment. 

Reasons that causing the Error? 


  • Netflix Server may be down
  • Slow Internet Connectivity
  • Content ban for the specific location
  • Overloaded Cache Data

How to identify error M7111 1331?

To be honest, you don’t need to identify it. It just appears like an uninvited guest in front of you. When you open Netflix through your browser. If you see this message in front of you then it simply means Error M7111 1331 occurs to your browser. 

“Whoops, something went wrong… Streaming Error. You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit”

How to fix Netflix error code M7111-1331

Although this is a very small error and that’s why it doesn’t require much effort. If you are facing this error on your PC it simply means that your browser needs to be refreshed. You can follow these 7  steps mention below to fix your error and again start enjoying your next movie on Netflix with popcorns in hand. 

  • Avoid Bookmarks

Do you know what’s the funny and the most common mistake that most of us do that causes the error m7111 1331? All of us always open Netflix through bookmarks and that’s why this error appears. First, you need to delete your previous Netflix bookmark. 

All you just need to do is go to the official website of Netflix and again log in to your account there. If your  Netflix account start working again then you can simply again add a new bookmark if you want to. But, if unfortunately, that method doesn’t work for you then don’t worry you can simply follow our next methods. 

  • Use Alternative Browser

This is the most simple solution to remove the error M7111-1331-2206. Yeah, we know that some of you are die-hard fans of Google Chrome but due to corrupted browser data and extensions some times it sucks.

All you just need to do is to use an alternative browser such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera to use Netflix or you can just reinstall the Chrome browser and again start streaming.

  • Reset Chrome

If you don’t want to switch to another browser you can also use this method and fix error M7111-133112206. You can follow these 4 easy steps to reset Google Chrome.


  • Step 1:- Open your Chrome  Browser and Click on Settings
  • Step 2:- Click on the Advanced button to open the drop-down menu.
  • Step3:- Select Restore Settings to default
  • Turn of Chrome Extension

First things first, you need to identify why this error occurs, and sometimes it can occur just because of chrome extensions. No, you don’t need to uninstall all extensions all you just need to do is turn off your chrome extensions for a moment. 

  • Enter chrome://extensions in the address bar
  • Turn off extensions ( Add Blocker or  Security Scanner )
  • Try to Stream Netflix  Again

Now, your browser again starts streaming. In some cases, If this method doesn’t work don’t worry, let’s try another method.

  • Turn of  Proxy

This is one of the most common reasons why the error M7111 1331 occurs. Netflix places geographic restrictions based on your current location. For Example, if you use Netflix in Pakistan it would display different content when it compares to the US content. All you just need to do is  Turn of your Proxy. You can do it by following these steps. 

  • Open Settings
  • Click Network and Internet
  • Turn of Proxy
  • Clear browsing history and data

A big chunk of cache data in your browser history is also of the most common reason for this error M7111-1331-2206. You can simply remove this error by clearing your cache data. Kindly follow the steps mention below. 

  • Open Google Chrome and then click on the 3 dots on the upper right corner
  • Choose more tools and Clear browsing data ( All time ). 

This is the most simple thing that you can do to remove this Netflix error. 

  • Check the server status 

Sometimes Netflix himself is the reason that causes the error M7111-1331. All you just need to do is check the server status. You can simply identify the server status by going to Netflix Help Center.

If the yellow symbol is appearing it means the Netflix server is down and at that moment none of the above tricks work.

Final Verdict

To sum up the whole article it contains 7 proven methods that will help you to solve the Error M7111-1331. If you are facing this error we have discussed 7 methods that will definitely help you to resolve this issue. 

If these methods helped you then make sure to drop the comment. You can also share your feedback with us on

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