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How do I fix my Samsung Note 9 Slow charging?

When it comes to power, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a big battery. Using this battery, you won’t have to worry about your phone running out of juice throughout the day. As a result of this, the battery life on a high-end phone is going to be less than it used to be, since you’ll be using more applications and services. Although charging should be quick and trouble-free, some users have reported that it is. In this article, we’ll teach you how do I fix my Samsung Note 9 slow charging.

How do I fix my Samsung Note 9 Slow Charging?

1- Don’t overcharge

When it comes to battery life and charging speed, overcharging might have a negative impact on your phone. It may also cause your gadget to overheat, making it difficult to use.

2- Use a good quality charger

Always ensure that the quality of the charger you purchase for your Galaxy Note 9 is enough and fulfils the necessary criteria before using it to charge your phone. Additionally, check to see if the USB cord is in good condition.

Multiple ways to fix my Samsnung Galaxy Note 9 Slow Charging Issue

1- Restart the device

Restarting your phone will solve your sluggish charging issue in the shortest amount of time possible. Your phone may be experiencing some small issues at the time, and rebooting may fix them.

Hold down the lock screen button for a half second and wait for the power choices to appear to restart your phone. Afterward, press the “Restart” button on your phone.

2- Replacing your charger if Note 9 slow charging

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s original package includes a fast-charging adapter. This fast charger is designed to ensure that your phone is fully charged in under two hours, saving you the aggravation of having to wait for so long.

However, if there are problems with your charger, the charging pace might be significantly reduced. Replace the charger, or at least the charging wire, if necessary. A brand-new one is readily available on the market or from a reputable internet vendor.

3- Enable fast charging mode

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a built-in fast charging option that allows it to charge faster. This option is not available on all Samsung models due to the fact that not all of the phones have such large batteries. If the fast-charging mode does not activate immediately after you connect in the charger to the power socket, make sure it is activated in the charger’s settings.

To do so, go to the settings menu. Select ‘device management’ from the drop-down menu. Choose ‘battery,’ which will open a new window with further information. Advanced settings may be found, as well as quick charging.

4- Turn on safe mode

There is also a safe mode option accessible on the Galaxy Note 9. Safe mode will put all of the background applications to sleep when it is activated. You’ll be able to see whether one of the third-party applications is causing the charging difficulties if you do this. You may then remove the applications one by one until the problem is resolved, or you can do a factory reset to clear the cache and restore your data. To boot into safe mode, do the following:

  • Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds.
  • Tap and hold the Power off option for a few seconds.
  • Select “Safe mode” from the drop-down menu.

Check out how your phone acts while it is in safe mode. Start charging it right now. If everything seems to be working well, it is likely that one of the third-party applications installed on your phone is the source of the issue.

5- Do a factory reset

It’s possible that your phone has some garbage buried deep inside its firmware, which is causing the sluggish charging difficulties. If none of the options listed above work, doing a factory reset may be necessary. To do a factory reset, just go to the settings menu and choose the’reset to factory settings’ option at the bottom of the list. However, make a backup of your data before doing a factory reset since the process would erase everything on your phone.

6- Consult customer service

If the problem persists, contact customer service for assistance with the problem. If you purchase a new Galaxy Note 9, you will typically be covered by a one-year warranty. So, if you have any problems within that time period, you may call the firm, and they will take care of the problem at no cost to you.

Following methods will help you to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Slow Charging Issue but, if you are facing Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Not Charging Issue then we have a separate article on it. You can also check it by clicking here.