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How Much Does Indian Bridal Makeup cost?

Just watching other celebrities, influencers, or experts on their wedding including airbrush packages doesn’t mean that you should also try the makeup from your hands. It’s a very technical and carefully performing task which means you should try your hand on it to ruin your makeup if you are not an expert. Not only skills but it also requires the right products that perform well with your skin. Along with this, budget restrictions are a crucial point. 

Therefore, appointing a professional hair and makeup artist is definitely worth it. If you think that you can match your eyeshadow palette and can create pout lips then you might be missing some points as makeup artists can infuse your makeup that is tough to copy. They are experts in keeping your bridal makeup for long hours and picture-perfect. However, a lot of preparation in your weddings such as venue, catering, dress, jewelry, and a lot of things make your budget tight. So, let’s have a look at how much does Indian bridal makeup costs.

How much does bridal makeup cost?

The pricing of bridal makeup varies from professional to professional, locality to locality, and person to person. So, for instance, bridal makeup can cost you anywhere between Rs.15000 – Rs.45000 in India. However, some of the bridal makeup better than this can also cost you a little bit higher. Generally, most makeup artists charge between 20000 to 30000 price range and you can definitely find the artist within this price range. 

Thus was only for the wedding day makeup, however, the pricing for sangeet and mehndi may slightly lower and differ from artist to artist. A few of the makeup artists also charge less if you book all the makeup at once. If you think that price is too high, you should keep in mind that makeup enhances your beauty and the desired bridal makeup vision will only be achieved by a pro in this field. These makeup artists have spent a lot of years learning and executing the right tricks to use and how to implement them wisely. They help to make your eye makeup perfect that will not fade out in the emotional situations of the ceremony.

Furthermore, the makeup artist has their own high-end makeup products on your big day. If you will total the price it will reach more than they cost. with these tools which are tried and tested that give bridal their dream look.

We all know hiring a professional is not an everyday task. And a wedding is for you to get pampers in which you can easily pedicure and manicure at home. The pleasure of doing it with a salon is completely different and comes all relaxed afterward. Much like what happens with bridal makeup. Having a professional artist tends to make you feel like a charming person on your wedding day. 

Another most important thing is hiring a makeup artist is you shouldn’t have to worry about your look since this burden is on the makeup artist. They help you to look all glossy and gorgeous for the ceremony. You don’t have to worry. about the time since they make you ready perfectly. without any hurry. They make your eyeliner even that can ruin yourself.

What does bridal makeup include?


Let’s have a look at what all bridal makeup artist charges include:

  • Bridal makeup
  • Lash extensions
  • Hairstyle
  • Nailpolish change
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair accessories
  • Draping

However, this list of services can differ from vendor to vendor.

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What are the types of bridal makeup?

There is two main bridal makeup that is widely popular and opted for by most people–Airbrush makeup and HD makeup. These are completely different from each other. The one you choose between the two completely depends on your hired vendor and your own personal preferences. Both are flawless and perfect makeup but a few points are different. HD makeup gives a more flawless look while Airbrush makeup gives a natural and dewy makeup look. 

Airbrush makeup requires the right skills to use an air gun and this makeup artist charges a lot more than HD makeup. Airbrush packages suit best for women with oily skin, not for dry skin. You should go for a trial session before the wedding day so that you can choose the right makeup for your wedding.

What are the charges for family makeup?

Not only brides but relatives and family members also need makeup that looks perfect. For this, the price range is different from the bride. To give you a rough statement, a makeup artist can charge around Rs.2000– Rs.5000 per person for guest makeup in India. However, for your close family members such as mother, sister, or sister-in-law the prices can be a little bit higher than guest ones. You can hote the MUA that makes your look beautiful along with family members.

Bottom line

So, these are possible prices that makeup artists can charge for your bridal makeup. These charges are different according to the vendor and depend on your requirements. Make sure to have the right makeup artist, ask your friends, search online, and check their social media.

The best way to find trending bridal packages introduced by makeup artists is using an online salon booking app. In this, you can get the desired vendor available in your locality, just book the appointment and visit there at slotted. This way you can save time for applying to other wedding preparations.