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How to clear cache on Samsung S10?

To remove the cache for a particular app on your Samsung S10, go to the App in your phone’s Settings, click Storage, and then pick Clear cache. To remove the system cache on your Samsung S10, enter the Recovery Menu and choose Wipe cache partition from the drop-down menu. When you are finished, restart your phone.
How to clear the cache on your Samsung S10 is covered in this article, which includes information on the two kinds of cache as well as step-by-step directions for clearing them both.

Two Types of Samsung S10 Cache

Knowing how to clear the cache on your Samsung S10 smartphone is important when your smartphone is acting sluggishly or when you seem to be running out of storage space for images and other things. This Samsung smartphone model features unique cache settings, as well as various spots where you’ll need to clear cache in order to free up more space on your device.

It’s important to note that when it comes to clearing cache on a Samsung S10, there are two places that need to be addressed: app cache and system cache.

App cache: This cache is used to store temporary files utilized by the applications on your Samsung S10 that are now running. Over time, the app cache may accumulate and take up needlessly large amounts of storage space. After a time, it may even cause the app (or your phone) to become unresponsive or crash completely. Clearing the app cache on your Samsung 10 might help you to repair a variety of app-related difficulties.
Cache on the system: Generally speaking, clearing the system cache on your Samsung S10 improves the overall speed of your smartphone significantly. It does this by deleting all of the temporary files created by the Android operating system and reinstalling them. In addition, it is completely safe to do so since it will not remove any of your data or settings.
Clearing the app cache is a straightforward process. To clear the system cache, you must boot your Samsung S10 into recovery mode and choose the appropriate option from the recovery menu.

How to Clear Samsung S10 App Cache

From the Settings menu on your Samsung S10, you can quickly delete the cache for any app that has been installed on your device.

  • Swiping down from the top of your screen and hitting Settings (gear symbol) in the upper right corner of your screen will bring up your Samsung Settings menu.
  • Apps may be found by scrolling down the menu.
  • Discover and choose the app for which you want to remove the cache by pressing on its name in the list of available apps.
  • How to locate an app that requires its cache to be cleaned on a Samsung S10 with the Settings Get and Apps categories highlighted.
    This page will show you all of the information about that particular app, including how much mobile data it has used, battery consumption, and other details. Select Storage to see the cache information for that particular programme.
  • You’ll find the categories of storage utilised by that programme under the Storage drop-down menu. Amount of storage used by a programme to store data, the app installation itself, temporary cache files, and overall storage use are all included in this calculation. To remove the app cache, choose Clear cache from the drop-down menu in the bottom right of this screen.
  • You’ll see that the Clear cache option at the bottom becomes greyed out, and the amount of storage utilised for Cache should be updated to 0 Bytes after the cache files have been wiped away.
  • With Storage and Clear Cache selected, here are the last steps to clearing an app’s cache on a Samsung S10.
    If any additional applications are performing strangely or functioning slowly, repeat the procedure outlined above. You should notice that the software operates considerably more quickly and without errors the next time you launch it.

How to Clear Samsung S10 System Cache

The complete system cache may be cleared if your smartphone is running slowly or performing erratically. This can help you to repair such system difficulties. This is straightforward, although it requires the use of the recovery menu. This will clear out all of the operating system’s cache files, but it will not clear out any of your data or settings. As a result, you can do it anytime you choose.

Press and hold the volume up button as well as the Bixby button for a few seconds to bring up the recovery menu on the Samsung S10 (just below the volume keys). Hold the power button while simultaneously holding down the other two buttons. The phone will restart and the recovery menu will be shown as a result of this action. Using the down volume key, go to the Wipe cache partition option at the bottom of the screen. To pick this option, press the power button on your keyboard.

The Wipe Cache Partition option is highlighted in the Samsung 10 recovery menu.
Use the volume down button once more to scroll down to Yes, and then press the power button once again to confirm your selection of this option.

On the Samsung S10, the Yes option for wiping the system cache is underlined.
Your phone will then clear all cache files and display a message that clearing the cache is complete. The option to restart the system will be highlighted. To restart the phone, press and hold the power button. Once it has been restarted, your phone should perform far better than it did before.