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How To Connect To A Proxy Server On Windows 10?

Proxy servers are helpful because they function as go-betweens for your computer and the internet. But, how to connect to a proxy server? You asked.

They make internet inquiries on your behalf and then provide the needed information. If you wish to connect to a proxy server on your own, keep in mind that it isn’t as complicated as it seems.

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The Uses of Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are often set up by schools, businesses, and other locations where many individuals are connected to the same network. Proxies allow network owners greater visibility and control over what’s going on.

For example, to use the internet at school, you must first connect to your school’s proxy network. Proxies are the reason network managers may easily restrict several websites. But what exactly is the proxy server defending?

It’s most likely simply a simple firewall. That is how the sites are limited, and nothing should be able to get over the network. If your firewall is breached, you can guarantee it’s due to malware or an intruder on your network.

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You do not need to own a company or anything else to set up a proxy. If you have several devices and want greater control over your household’s internet usage, feel free to install them in your home. Spoiler alert: your kids will not appreciate a proxy as much as you!

How to connect to a proxy server on Windows 10?

There are two main methods to connect to a proxy server on a Windows PC. One way uses an automatic script, while the other is manual. Let’s begin with the script’s use instructions:

  1. Navigate to Start > Settings on your PC.
  2. Select the Network & Internet tab.
  3. Select Proxy from the side menu.
  4. Enable the option Use setup script.

Enter the script URL provided to you (by your employer, school, or another server owner.) and then click Save. You may then quit the settings, and the script should go into action right away.

The other way around is creating a proxy server manually:

  1. Enable Under the Manual proxy configuration option, use a proxy server.
  2. Under the Address tab, enter the IP address and the Port number in the relevant fields.
  3. Save your changes and leave this menu when you’re finished.