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How to download Netflix movies on Pc?

Your presence here clearly shows us that you are facing difficulty in downloading Netflix movies and want to know How to download Netflix movies on Pc? If so, then welcome you are in the right place because, i.e., this article will discuss ait. Furthermore, in this article, we will also be going to tell you various methods to download movies on Netflix app and outside on your Pc. If that sounds interesting to you and you are really curious to know How to download Netflix movies on Pc? Then let us begin this article.

As you know that Netflix has become more and more popular day by day due to its movies and games, and when there are over 150 Million Netflix user’s worldwide, a lot of them want to download these movies to watch offline on vacations or while during traveling on mountains when there is no network available.

Netflix allows its users to watch and download these movies even when they are offline. But here is where the problem comes into play. Netflix allows you to download these movies with in Netflix app and you cannot move these movies to other places and this is what this article is all about.

In this article, not only are we going to tell you how to download Netflix movies on Pc? But also with in the Netflix app and outside the Netflix app as well. It sounds like a dream come true, Right.

How to download Netflix movies on Pc?

If you want to know how to download Netflix movies on Pc? Then there are many steps that you need to follow to download Netflix movies on the Netflix app. That steps are mentioned below.

1: – Set up Netflix account

Before you want to download Netflix movies on Pc, first, you need to have a Netflix account. Setting up the Netflix account is very simple and you can do it in just two minutes or you can also choose their 30 days’ free trial period.

2: – Download the Netflix app

Although you can watch movies on Netflix via Chrome or a different browser, unfortunately, it is only limited to watching movies. You can not download movies directly from your browser. Technically, it’s possible to download movies via chrome, which we will discuss later in this article. But if you want to download Netflix movies on your PPC, you have to download The Netflix app and now login.

3: – Video Quality

As you probably know that just like other platforms, Netflix also offers different qualities depending on your plan; by default, if you choose the basic plan, you will get the essential SD quality, and if you download it will download in that quality you can choose and change the quality with I the Netflix app.

  • Go to the Menu icon which is appearing on the left bottom side of your screen.
  • Go all the way down to the App settings
  • There you will find a Video quality option
  • Click on it
  • Select Standard or High resolution

4: – Search the movie

Search the movie from the above search bar and you can download it.  But, remember that you can not download all the movies and TV shows due to streaming rights and exclusive content. If you want to watch Netflix exclusive content, we have a separate article; you can also check it out. You can also choose available downloads to see the list of the movies that are available for downloads. Then click on the movie, see the download icon, and click on it to download the movie.

5: – Watch Download

You can quickly access the download movies with the Netflix app. All you need to do is click on the download section which is appearing on the bottom right corner on your screen that shows My Downloads. Click there and you will see all the movies that you have downloaded. You can also remove movies directly from there.

How to download Netflix movies on Pc? Outside Netflix

As you probably know, if you are an old user of Netflix, you cannot download Netflix movies outside of Netflix. In simple words you can download Netflix movies with in the Netflix but you can’t move these movies on your Pc or mobile. And that’s what makes this process even more frustrating but wait, and we got a solution for you that will help you download Netflix movies outside of the Netflix app.

As you probably know, there is no way to move downloaded movies outside, but we can make it possible by using the 3a rd party application. If you want to know how to download Netflix movies on Pc? Then these websites will help you to do that they also offer their app as well and their names are mentioned below.

  1. FlixGrab+
  2. Flixicam

These two websites will allow you to download both Netflix and Netflix exclusive content directly within your Pc. If you still face some difficulty using these websites to download Netflix movies, you can ask us right on the spot in the comment section. We will entertain all your queries.

How much speed do I need to download Netflix movies on Pc?

We have seen a lot of people asking the same question repeatedly, so we have finally decided to answer it. There is no specific speed that requires to download Netflix movies on Pc? It ultimately depends on your Movie or TV show file size and resolution as well. But, for your ease to give you the rough idea, 10MB per second is an ideal speed to download and watch Netflix content.