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How To Fix Micro USB Port Not Charging? Here’s How To Fix It?

Do you want to know how to fix the micro USB port not charging issue? Is there no longer a charge? Have you lost the ability to use a computer mouse? There are a number of diagnostic and corrective steps you may take if one or more of your USB ports stops working.

Your ability to personalize and exert control over your PC is thanks to its USB ports. A mouse, please? An upgraded keyboard? Simply connect the plug.

Unless one of your USB ports stops functioning, this might make working and playing on your computer a lot more fun. Listed below are some of the things you may do to fix the problem before resorting to outside help.

Today was a really long and hectic day. The battery on your smartphone is almost dead when you reach home, so you plug it in to charge. Fear is natural, but you shouldn’t give up hope just yet.

If your phone isn’t charging properly, try one of these fast fixes.

Are you stumped as to why the USB connector in your vehicle isn’t powering your phone? Remember that you have company. It’s one of the most often asked questions we receive, and it occurs frequently.

It might be the port, the cable, or the phone itself if the car’s USB port isn’t charging your device. It’s possible that you’re dealing with a vehicle with a USB port that wasn’t meant to charge phones, or even provide power to peripheral devices.

Furthermore, it’s possible that the cable you’re using isn’t compatible with the port on your phone, which might be fixed by trying a new cable.

How To Fix Micro USB Port Not Charging?

Rule Out The Alternatives

Whether your computer has more than one USB port, try plugging the device into a different port to determine if the issue persists in all of them. In addition, if the cable you are using with the attached peripheral is damaged in any way (ripped, melted, etc.), you may try using an alternative cable.

broken cable

Alternatively, you might try a different gadget. For troubleshooting purposes, if a mouse stops responding in a given port, you may swap it out for a keyboard or printer. You might also try connecting it to another computer if you have access to one.

Do You Have The Right Port?

Did you plug your laptop into the USB Type-C connector hoping to charge it? Data-only ports allow for the transport of data but cannot be used to provide power, and some manufacturers reserve these ports for this purpose.

Verify the naming conventions for your USB ports. Some may be marked as being for charging by including a charging plug symbol or something similar.

usb ports

Switching to a charging port from a data-only connector should rectify the situation. (To learn more about what to do if your laptop is plugged in but not charging, see our handy guide.)

Clean Out Debris

Examine the USB ports of your device more carefully. A clogged port prevents data from being sent between the computer and the plug. If the cable doesn’t go in completely, there’s a sign that something is trapped.

Check with a flashlight to check if any debris, such as food or dust, is obstructing the port; if so, power down the machine and carefully pry it out with a toothpick.

4 cans of canned air

A can of compressed air(Which opens in a new window) may also be used for this purpose; however, the plastic nozzle should not be inserted directly into the port, as this might lead to the formation of condensation, which would be detrimental to the port’s operation.

Physical problems are certainly at play if your gadget is plugged in but only connects momentarily when jiggled.

To determine if the port can be fixed by yourself or requires expert assistance, you may need to pry open the computer’s chassis.

Restart And Update

If your USB port is acting up, try restarting it. Rebooting the machine offers it an opportunity to remedy an internal problem that may be preventing its parts from functioning normally. To restart Windows, choose the option from the Start menu, then click Power, and then click Restart. For a Mac, choose Apple > Restart.

Updating your computer software might possibly fix the problem you’re encountering. There will inevitably be a moment when you’ll need to update the drivers that keep all of your gadgets functioning properly.

windows update

It’s worth a shot since driver upgrades sometimes come together with other system changes. Check for updates by selecting Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

If an update is available, choose it and click the Download and Install option. Mac users may check for available updates by going to System Preferences > Software Updates.

Manage USB Controllers

Individual drivers manage each of your USB ports. The trouble with these drivers might render your USB ports useless.

To access Device Manager, right-click the Start menu. In the expanded menu, choose Universal Serial Bus controllers. To find the USB Host Controller, look for a menu item with that name.

Use the right mouse button to choose “Uninstall device” and then click on the item. Do the same thing for all of the listings that share the name.

usb controller

In order to restart your computer when the driver uninstallation is complete. When you restart, the USB Host Controllers will be reinstalled automatically, which should solve the problem.

The rules are somewhat different for Macs. A Mac’s System Management Controller (SMC) is responsible for a wide variety of hardware-related tasks.

In this case, resetting the SMC should fix the problem with the USB port. It’s not the same process for an Intel-based Mac, one with a user-replaceable battery, or one with the T2 security chip.

Resetting an Apple-based Mac is as easy as turning it off and on again. If you need to reset the SMC on your device, Apple provides instructions for doing so (Opens in a new window).

Disable USB Selective Suspend

It’s possible that your computer’s power management settings are interfering with the USB ports.

Sometimes, when you need to use a USB port, USB Selective Suspend will disable it since it has been inactive for a while, saving battery life. If this occurs, go to the Control Panel, where you may disable the feature.

how to fix micro usb port not charging

In Windows, go to the Start menu and type “Control Panel.” Advanced power settings may be adjusted by selecting Power Options > Changing Plan Settings > Advanced.

To enable USB selective suspend, go to Settings > USB. Turn off both the On battery and the Plugged in choices, and then click Apply. After that, you’ll need to restart your computer to prevent the USB ports from being disabled at inopportune times.

The Strengths And Weaknesses Of USB Phone Charging In Cars

In addition to being widely used, USB’s standardized nature means that the same connections may be used to connect a wide variety of devices. Despite USB’s capability of simultaneously sending power and data, not all USB ports are wired to do so.

Even though a USB port was intended to provide electricity, Apple’s and other businesses’ little variations in how they manage USB charging might cause problems.

Data ports and powered data ports were supported under the original USB specification. Powered data ports deliver both data and power to a device, whereas USB data ports merely carry data. Because of this, certain USB-powered devices, like as hard drives and scanners, need specialized USB ports in order to function.

Cars With USB Ports For Syncing Devices

Some USB ports installed in automobiles are just meant for data transmission and will not accept charging. To play music or update the software, you may usually put a USB flash drive into this sort of USB port.

Some devices, such as smartphones and MP3 players, may also work in this capacity. This port only makes use of the data connection terminals and not the power terminals, therefore it can’t provide power to a peripheral or charge a phone.

There are a few methods to tell whether the USB port in your car is for charging or data only if you can’t find any indication in the owner’s handbook. The simplest method is to check whether any of your USB devices and cables are able to establish a power supply.

Comparison Of USB Data Cables And Charging Cables

The four terminals 0-3-2 are the ones required by the USB specification. Power is sent by terminals 1 and 4, while data is sent through terminals 2 and 3. The data and power transmission capabilities of a USB cable are enabled by simple, straight connections between the cable’s terminals at each end.

Terminals one and four are never used in data-only connections, while terminals two and three are never used in power-only cables. However, there is more complexity to the matter than meets the eye.

how to fix micro usb port not charging

When connecting to a computer or some infotainment systems, a charge-only connection will not provide the desired charging amperage. Each gadget has its own unique signal that the computer must recognize before it will increase the current it is supplying.

According to the USB standard, the data wires, or terminals two and three, must be shorted at the device end of charge-only connections. Therefore, terminals two and three on the device end of a standard USB cable may be shorted to convert the cable to a charging cable. This is mostly accurate, although Apple goods operate otherwise.

Cars With Powered USB Ports

It is conceivable for a vehicle to have a USB port that merely provides electricity, although in most cases the ports in vehicles are integrated with the entertainment system.

Therefore, even if a vehicle is equipped with a powered port, the port will mostly be used for data transmission. The problem is that sometimes when you put in your phone, the infotainment system won’t know what kind of device it is. The port may be able to charge your phone, but if that occurs, it may not.

Using a USB cable created for the express purpose of charging may help you avoid this problem. There is no way to transfer files or play music with this sort of USB cable since it is completely incapable of doing so.

The infotainment system may not recognize that a device is connected in, but your phone will still charge via the connection.

A further problem with powered USB ports is that various manufacturers use different methods for charging devices like phones.

The issue is that although all USB ports are meant to work at 5v, they may produce variable currents and different phones have varied current needs while being charged. Some smartphones, for instance, can handle a 1.5A charge just well, while others can either charge extremely slowly or even use more energy than they get from the USB charger.

In the event that your vehicle is capable of recognizing your phone and connecting it in media player mode through a standard USB connection, there is a potential that the offered charging amperage will not be sufficient to keep the charge on your phone.

Perhaps a charging cord made especially for your phone would do the job. If not, you’ll have to resort to utilizing a USB adaptor that plugs into a cigarette lighter.

Fix Broken Micro USB Port

Download Ampere, A Useful App

Ampere is a great tool for monitoring your phone’s charging status and progress. It basically tells you how much power your gadget is using while it’s charging. This makes the software useful for checking whether or not your phone is charging and for discovering the most efficient charging technique.

Try this out and check the charge level of your phone while it’s charging. If the app displays a positive green number, your smartphone is charging; if it displays a negative orange number, your device is draining its battery.

How’s The State Of Your Cable?

There are a number of potential causes for a phone that is not charging, but one of the first things to check is the cord. Most notably if it’s a long-standing attachment you’ve owned since you first got the phone.

Our wires endure a great deal of abuse. They accompany you everywhere and, as a result, we trip and fall over them often, get tangled up in them, carelessly toss them into bags, and so on.

Always double-check your charging cord for visible indications of wear and tear. Damage to the wires, such as kinks, bends, cuts, or any other kind of distortion, might cause them to malfunction.

Check whether it works by trying to charge anything else with it. If it does, the gadget itself may be broken. In order to test whether your smartphone can be charged with a different cable, you may try using that.

The Question Is, How Well Does The Adaptor Work?

The cord is essential, but the wall charger is much more so. I encourage you to put it through its paces. Check it out to see if it’s broken. Signs of trouble include cracks or crooked plugs. Test it with other gadgets or a different brick to determine whether it’s the source of the issue.

Inspect The Charging Port.

Checking your phone is the next step to whether your cord and charger are compatible with other electronics. The charging port is usually the source of the problem. In the first place, you should see whether there is any grime or other material blocking the port.

The charging process might be hampered by anything as simple as a filthy port. The use of a brush or some compressed air could help you clean it.

Do you feel that the port has been becoming loose recently? Over time, constant connection to several devices may wear out ports. There may also be corroded parts within. Other than getting a new phone or having the port fixed, there isn’t much you can do.

Put A Wireless Charger To The Test.

Whether your phone can be charged wirelessly and you have a wireless charger, you can quickly determine if the issue is with the phone itself or if it is caused by one of the accessories. Just attempt to use a wireless charger for your phone. This might possibly be a stopgap measure until you can properly diagnose and repair your phone. If your phone isn’t charging, the problem may not be superficial.

Attempt To Use Another Power Source.

Try charging another device using the same outlet you’re now using to charge your phone. It’s very uncommon for outlets to malfunction or for electrical issues to affect just part of your property.

It’s also worth noting that not all forms of energy are equal. Whether you’re having problems with your outlet, you may check if other outlets in the home are working properly.

how to fix micro usb port not charging

It’s possible that a computer or power strip’s USB connector won’t provide enough power to charge a smartphone properly. Try moving to a different outlet to see if your charging problems are resolved.

Power Down Or Reboot Your Device.

All technological problems can be solved by this one simple trick, and it usually does. To get your phone back in working order, you may only need to restart it.

You might perhaps get longer use out of your smartphone’s battery by turning it off entirely before charging. Inefficient charging might be caused by prolonged use or running operations in the background.

If you put your phone to sleep while it’s charging, it will free up all of its other processing power for the charging process. To restart, hold down the power button and choose the option. If you like, you may choose to turn off power instead.

I Need To Know Whether The Battery Can Be Changed.

Having a smartphone with a detachable battery is a rarity these days, but if you do happen to have one, you may want to attempt a few troubleshooting steps.

As a first step, you might try removing the battery and replacing it to see if it restores functionality. On the other hand, you may try swapping in a fresh battery.

Has Your Battery Died Completely?

Your phone can’t keep functioning properly without some energy. In order to save power for when you switch the device back on or even when it’s off and charging, it powers down a little bit before the battery hits zero. Completely depleting batteries is a certain way to encounter difficulties.

Those who find themselves in this predicament may count themselves among the lucky few, since it is not a very severe issue.

Be patient and charge the phone for a longer period of time. A sleeping phone will eventually come to life and begin charging. A soft reset may be performed by holding the power button down for 30 seconds.