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How To Fix Micro USB Prongs? Try & Proven Effective Methods

Do you want to know how to fix micro USB prongs? If you’ve ever walked on a USB connection, you’ve undoubtedly thought “game over.” You bent the pins, causing the USB connection to no longer fit correctly into the USB slot.

If this happens to you, don’t throw away the USB connector since it is simple to repair. Instead of paying a costly price to your computer store or getting an expensive new one, simply repair it at home. You only need a few materials from your local hardware shop.

From a technical standpoint, Micro USB is vulnerable to failure at several locations. Typically, the user’s initial notice following a non-charging problem is that the connection seems loose.

To fix a damaged micro USB port/cable, you must first understand the following statements:

  • TRUE: The connectors at the ends of charging cables can wear out over time as the metal softens and the tangs weaken.
  • IT IS TRUE: Device sockets can degrade and spread due to material faults or severe user treatment.
  • TRUE STATEMENT that any alien things will exacerbate the aforementioned.
  • TRUE = If the socket becomes clogged with pocket lint, it becomes so dense that it feels fully solid. It’s difficult to detect that the cable isn’t completely inserted.

How To Fix A USB Connector With Bent Pins?