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How To Fix S10 Charging Problems After Android 10 Update

Charging issues are a typical occurrence with many devices. In this troubleshooting guide on S10, you’ll discover what to do if you’re experiencing charging issues on your Galaxy S10 after downloading the Android 10 update. We’ve focused on Android 10 in this article since we’ve been receiving complaints about this issue from certain S10 customers right now.

What causes Galaxy S10 charging problems following Android 10 update

There can be a number of things that can cause S10 notification problems. Some of the common causes that we know of are:

  • Broken charging accessory
  • Dirty charging port
  • Corrupted system cache
  • Minor app bug
  • Unknown software bug
  • Bad third party app, or malware
  • Update coding error

Is this type of problem fixable?

If you find your Galaxy S10 having a hard time charging after installing Android 10 update, don’t worry. The cause of the problem is most likely software-related and its highly likely that you can fix it relatively easily.

We’ve been dealing with this problem in all types of smartphones and most of the time, post update charging problems are fixable on a user’s level.

Solutions to S10 charging problems following Android 10 update

If your Galaxy S10 isn’t charging for whatever reason, you’ll need to go through a number of troubleshooting procedures to figure out what’s wrong. Follow the guidelines we’ve provided here.

Verify charging adapter and USB cable are not damaged

A faulty adaptor (the one that connects into the power socket) or USB cable is one of the most prevalent causes of charging issues. Check for physical damage to the adapter and USB now.

If you don’t care for your USB cable, look for breaks where you normally bend it. The USB charging cable has fragile wires that may break. If there are enough damaged wires inside, it may cease charging.

If any of these fails, only use an official Samsung accessory to repair it. Using non-Samsung authorised accessories may cause harm or issues to your S10.

Check the charging port

If you’ve determined that the problem isn’t caused by your charging accessories, the next step is to make sure the charging port isn’t obstructed. Dirt or lint may get into the port and prevent the USB cable from properly attaching. If you plug the USB cable into the port and it feels loose, there might be anything preventing it.

A magnifying instrument may be used to inspect the port. Avoid inserting anything into the system to probe for foreign items, since this may cause harm to the system. Remember, all you need to do here is look inside for anything apparent. If you find that work difficult, just disregard my proposal. If you feel that there is anything within the port that you are unable to access, have a professional inspect it for you. Bring your S10 to a Samsung Service Center near you.

Refresh the system cache

If you were having charging issues prior to getting the Android 10 update, you may have a problem with your Galaxy S10 system cache. To test, try erasing the cache partition where this cache is kept.

  • Here’s how you do it:
  • Turn the gadget off.
  • Hold down the Volume Up and Bixby keys, then hit and hold the Power key.
  • Release all keys when the green Android logo appears (‘Installing system update’ will appear for roughly 30 – 60 seconds before the Android system recovery menu choices appear).
  • To highlight ‘wipe cache partition,’ press the Volume down key multiple times.
  • To choose, press the Power button.
  • Push and hold the Volume Down key until the word ‘yes’ appears, then press the Power button.
  • When the erase cache partition is finished, the option to “Reboot system immediately” is highlighted.
  • To restart the device, press the Power button.