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How to fix Samsung Keyboard has stopped?

Many Samsung smartphone customers say that their keyboards periodically cease functioning all by themselves. Luckily, this widespread Samsung keyboard issue may be quickly addressed in just a few minutes.

This post will teach you precisely what you need to accomplish and offer you a few fascinating alternative keyboards.

Samsung Keyboard has stopped: How to fix it?

Have you ever been stopped when messaging someone by the error message “Unfortunately, Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Working” or anything similar? If that’s the case, here’s what you need to do:

Navigate to the Settings menu on your Samsung smartphone. Alternatively, you may slide down from the top of your Home screen and touch on the Settings symbol that appears from that point forth.
Apps may be found by scrolling down and tapping on them. Please be patient for a few seconds until you can view the whole list of applications you have loaded on your Samsung mobile device.
Click on the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner to expand them.
Following that, a dropdown menu with various alternatives will be shown. Select Show System Apps from the dropdown menu. As the name implies, tapping on it will bring up a list of the system applications that have been pre-installed on your smartphone.
Scroll down and choose Samsung Keyboard from the dropdown menu.
You may choose between two possible solutions from the menu bar to remedy the problem.

It is necessary to press the Force Stop button to use the first of the two options available. In addition to the Disable button, which is generally greyed out since it cannot be used for system programs, there is a Restart button. Once you have used the Force Stop button, your Samsung Keyboard application will be forced to shut down instantly.

It would help if you used your Samsung keyboard again without encountering any problems since the whole program has been reset and should not show any error warnings.

The second method requires more physical labor, but it is still simple. It is necessary to choose Storage rather than Force Stop. A new screen will appear, with two new buttons: Clear Data and Clear Cache, which you may use to clear your data and cache.

When you clear the cache on your smartphone, you are removing all of the data that has been saved on it by applications and websites, including scripts, photos, and other media files (in this case, by the Samsung Keyboard app). Because deleting such media files will not result in the deletion of critical program files, you will still be able to use the app in the same manner as previously.

Clear Data is used to erase the cache of an application, but it also clears any additional settings that have been stored inside the application itself.

To fix the Samsung keyboard problem, you will need to touch on both of these buttons simultaneously. The app will be entirely reset as a result of this action. When you use your Samsung keyboard again, the app will immediately download and install all of the latest updates, making it ready to use right away.

If you do this, your app will be entirely refreshed and upgraded if required.

What to Do If Your Samsung Keyboard Stops Working More Often?

Keep in mind that none of the procedures described above will prevent this issue from recurring in the future. They offer a quick and easy solution that should endure for a reasonable period. That implies that the app has stopped operating due to a tiny malfunction when there is too much data for the app’s processing capacity (cache memory has been filled, etc.).

If, on the other hand, your Samsung keyboard crashes regularly, something may be wrong with the operating system of your smartphone.

This situation must download a piece of software that will fix the problem and assist you with other significant Samsung issues as effectively as possible (UI not working, black screen of death, etc.).