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How to get unbanned from Omegle? ( updated 2021)

Getting banned on Omegle is as simple as gaining weight. I’m not kidding, on Omegle, thousands of people get a ban on a daily basis without any specific reason. Well, don’t worry because your presence here clearly shows that you want to know How to get unbanned from Omegle? 

Getting unbanned on Omegle is quite simple and there are different ways to bypass Omegle security which we are going to discuss in a moment. If your curiosity is at its peak and wants to know How to get unbanned from Omegle?  then read the rest of the article because we have given you a step-by-step guide that will help you. 

What is Omegle? 

Omegle is an online video chatting and streaming platform that was launched in 2009. It is an online platform where two random people around the globe can talk to each other and becomes a friend. 

Due to its unique features at that time it becomes so popular among teenagers and currently, Omegle has 65 Million monthly users worldwide. But still, Omegle faces a lot of criticism due to its privacy issues.

How much did Omegle ban last? 

Just like other websites, the Omegle ban doesn’t have a specific time period. It completely depends on the reason by which your account got banned. It can be a lifetime or maybe of 1 week to 3 months.

Resons for Omegle ban

Did you know what’s the worst thing that people hate about Omegle is that you cant contact someone and report your ban? Not only that they don’t even give the specific reason for their ban but these are the Potential reasons to cause a ban.

Omegle monitors you by both human moderators and through AI software as well. If you break their privacy they will immediately ban you.  Don’t worry we will also tell you the easy way on How to get unbanned from Omegle? Just wait for a moment. 

  • Fast Dropping

This is one of the primary reasons by which people get banned from Omegle. In easy words, if other people drop you very quickly as compared to the other people using the platform. This dropping gives a special signal to the Algo that you are a thread for a website.

Now you might wonder why Omegle Algo thinks that? Wait, let me clarify. As Omegle is designed to be a social platform and other people drop you quickly and imminently then Omegle thinks that you are not a friendly person and that’s why you get banned. 

  • Reports

To keep the platform clean Omegle closely monitors the user reports. If other users are reporting you very quickly it gives the signal to Omegle that you are not a good person to interact with and that’s why they ban your account.

Furthermore, If you report every person Omegle also bans you because they say that you are not participating. But don’t worry, they are not even that strict. They have human moderators which review your application. 

  • Terms & Condition

Just like other platforms Omegla also takes strict action if you don’t follow their terms and conditions. Omegle has different moderators that closely monitor that you follow their rules. For Example, you cant play nudity on Omegle.

Furthermore, this clearly mentions in their terms and conditions that you cant harass someone and this is one of the biggest reasons why people go banned on Omegle. 

Countries that block Omegle? 

Yeah, that’s the funny thing. Not only does Omegle bans people but sometimes even countries ban Omegle. Some Omegle ban has nothing to do with yourself. It bans you because your IP address is from the country in which Omegle is banned. Here are some of the countries in which Omegle is banned.

  • UAE
  • Pakistan
  • Qatar
  • China

How to get unbanned from Omegle?

After reading the above article if you still can’t find a reason that why you got banned then no need to worry because in just a few moments we will tell you How to get unbanned from Omegle? 

Just relax, getting unbanned from Omegle is quite simple. The fun fact is that using Omegle doesn’t require an account means that means Omegle doest have your previous record. You can simply change your IP address to get unban from Omegle.

Now, this might be the first question that appears in your mind that if Omegle doesn’t have my account how does he ban me? The simple answer to your question is that Omegle doesn’t ban your account it bans your IP address. By simply changing your IP address you can unban yourself from Omegle. 

How to get unbanned from Omegle in 4 easy steps?

Still Stuck! And want to know How to get unbanned from Omegle? 

As getting banned on Omegle is simple same getting unbanned from Omegle is as simple as that. What if I tell you that you can get unblock from Omegla in seconds. All you just need to do is follow these simple steps mention below and grab the popcorn.

Step 1:-  Choose the best VPN from our recommended list

Step 2:- Download and Install the VPN and sign in

Step 3:- Connect your desired server

Step 4:- Open your Omegla and now you are unbanned 

Best VPN for Omegle 

Choosing up the best VPN for Omegle is not an easy task for us when hundreds of Virtual Private Networks are available in the market. But, we cover you. After a ton of research, we finally made a list of the top 3 VPNs that will help you to change your IP address and instantly unbanned you from Omegle. 

  • Nord VPN
  • Express VPN
  • SurfShark VPN

Setting up a VPN

After choosing the best VPN from our recommended list mentioned above all you just need to do is follow these 7 simple steps mention below. 

  • First, clear your cache memory
  • Download your desired VPN from the above list
  • Open the VPN
  • Sign in
  • Choose your desired server and connect 
  • Open your browser
  • Open Omegle and enjoy.  

Final Verdict

Well, now it’s time to wrap up our whole conservation. In this article, I have told you all the things that you need to know about Omegle. Furthermore, I have also given you a step-by-step guide through which you can easily unban yourself from Omegle.