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How To Play MOV Files On Windows 10?

There is no doubt that one of the most pleasurable pastimes is of watching films. Not all video files can be played on a computer, even if you have the correct player or codec.

Consider the case of video files such as MOV. It will be challenging to play on Windows since it is an Apple Quicktime wrapper for the MPEG 4 format.

Most Windows 10 users cannot play MOV files because they do not have the appropriate player or do not have the necessary codecs installed.

What is a MOV Video File?

Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Mac use MOV files as their default video format. file extension is commonly used when a video is generated on an iOS or macOS device.

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Windows can still play MOV files, even though the format is not natively supported. Make sure you pick the correct player for the task at hand. MOV files may be used to store audio and video because of their MPEG 4 container.

How to play MOV files on Windows 10?

A MOV video file may be played in various ways on your Windows 10 PC. The video cannot be played just by opening the file. The greatest MOV players must be downloaded and installed.

Method #1 – Install QuickTime Player

Videos in the MOV format are played back using the built-in QuickTime Player. You may utilize the QuickTime video player on your Windows 10 PC even though it’s most often seen on Mac OS X computers.

  • QuickTime for Windows 10 should be installed.
  • Go to your MOV file to play your QuickTime MOV video.
  • Choose Open from the shortcut menu by right-clicking.
  • Select QuickTime.
  • Your video will be played again in QuickTime Player.

Method #2 – Using 5KPlayer

To play MOV files on Windows 10 with 4K resolution support, you may utilize 5KPlayer, a more capable MOV file player.

An ideal 4K video player does not require conversion or the installation of additional codec packs for MOV files.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about frequent difficulties like MOV won’t open or recognize a file, cannot play a movie, audio-video sync being out of whack, and other errors with 5KPlayer.

  1. Install and open 5KPlayer on your Windows 10 PC after downloading it.
  2. 5KPlayer can play your MOV files rapidly if you drop them in.
  3. Alternatively, you may use the main UI’s Video button to import a MOV file for playback in 5KPlayer.
  4. 5KPlayer may also be used by right-clicking on a MOV file and selecting to play it.

Method #3 – Using Windows Media Player

Microsoft’s Windows Media Player is another option. Fortunately, it now supports MOV files and Windows Media Player’s default player. Make sure that your Windows Media Player is at least 12.0 or above before you may use this feature MOV files can only be played and supported by these higher versions.

  1. Open Windows Media Player to see what version you’re using.
  2. Press the Alt key or right-click the top bar.
  3. Go to the Help menu, then click on About Windows Media Player.
  4. Check out the most recent update now. To play the video, you must first update to the latest version of Adobe Flash.
  5. Open the video file by selecting Open from the context menu of the right-clicked video file.
  6. Windows Media Player will play your video if you select it.

Method #4 – Play with VLC Media Player

When it comes to playing MOV files, VLC is your go-to player. It is compatible with Windows 10 and can play various video formats.

  • If you don’t already have the VLC media player installed on your computer, download and install it.
  • Click Media on the top bar of your VLC media player to get started.
  • Then, navigate to your MOV file by selecting Open File.

You can use a reputable video converter program to play your MOV files in other formats if none of the previous options work for you. It is necessary, however, to utilize a secure video restoration application like Remo Video Repair Software to restore a damaged or unplayable video file.

On your Windows 10 machine, which of the video players above is the best for playing MOV videos? In the comments area below, please share your thoughts.

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