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How to Tell If a Samsung Phone Charger Is Bad?

Samsung phone have become a necessity in today’s society, and almost everyone owns one. When you depend on your mobile phone, you must ensure that you have a reliable charger that will keep your phone charged and allow you to stay connected with the rest of the world.

Step 1

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Connect your mobile samsung phone charger to the power source that it came with. To signal when electricity has been connected, many mobile phone car chargers are equipped with LED lights on one end of the charger.

Step 2

To use the mobile phone, connect the charger to the phone. The charger will be recognised by your mobile phone, and the phone will communicate that it is charging by flashing the battery icon or presenting a charging icon on the phone’s screen if everything is working correctly. The method continues to Step 3 if the mobile phone does not recognise the charger at this point.

Step 3

Connecting another device to the power source can allow you to assess whether or not the power source is functioning properly. If the power supply is operational, you may just need to double-check that the charger is properly attached to the power source and that the mobile phone is properly linked to the charger.

Step 4

Remove and re-connect the charger to the power source, and then reconnect the mobile phone to the charger again, ensuring sure that the connection is secure. If your mobile phone still won’t charge, it’s possible that your charger is damaged and has to be replaced.