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How To Fix IPhone 7 Plus Freezing Issues

iPhone 7 Plus Freezing Issues: The iPhone 7 Plus is the 2016 flagship device with a large price tag.

For iPhone fans with huge money, the performance and potential of this latest Apple smartphone are fantastic.

But troubles with smartphones are nothing new, and the iPhone 7 Plus is no exception.

Many users have reported that their iPhone 7 Plus frequently freezes for inexplicable reasons, causing them much frustration.

For more information on how to fix iPhone 7 Plus freezing issues, see this post.

IPhone 7 Plus Freezing Issues

Possible Tips For iPhone 7 Plus Freeze Issues

1: Restart iPhone 7 Plus

Any smartphone issue can be fixed by performing a restart, which can fix many minor firmware issues. After a few days without restarting your iPhone 7 Plus, multiple apps start freezing or crashing, causing the entire device to freeze. So, try restarting first, and if it doesn’t work, try another technique.

Restarting the iPhone 7 Plus differs from previous iPhones. How to restart iPhone 7 Plus. Intensify the volume down + sleep/wake buttons until the Apple logo appears.

 2:Update Software

Next, check for updates. Check to see if it has the latest software available, as newer software has more bug fixes and can improve speed. So go to Settings > General > Software update.

3: Exit Active Applications

Third-party apps can sometimes cause similar annoyances. For some reason, the app becomes unresponsive, causing iPhone 7 Plus to freeze. Close that app and see if that helps with the freezing. If you encounter this issue while running multiple programs, simply close the one you are not using. To close an app, hit the home button twice in a row. Now long press on any open app until a red circle with a minus appears. To close an app, simply press on the minus sign. To close the row, hit the Home button twice.

4: Install a System Monitor

A system monitor provides important performance data such as cache details, memory use, and system logs. Keeping a watch on all of this data can help you find troublesome apps or settings that are causing the device to freeze.

5: Delete Unwanted Apps

What’s wrong with your iPhone 7 Plus? Apple can manage its own apps but not third-party apps. To fix the iPhone 7 Plus freezing issue, remember to uninstall any unreviewed third-party apps from your device.

6: Factory Reset

If none of the previous solutions work to fix the iPhone 7 Plus freezing issue, the last resort is a factory reset. This will fix the issue but will delete all data from the device. So you must start over. How to do a factory reset. First, always backup your data.
Tap Erase all content and settings under Settings > General > Reset.Resetting your iPhone 7 Plus with a lot of data may take a long time. Then the welcome page appears, inviting you to swipe to continue.

So, these are the fixes for iPhone 7 Plus freezing. Follow the instructions one by one to get rid of the freezing issue.

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