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Is Samsung cloud shutting down?

One of our most active subscribers asked us yesterday: Is Samsung cloud shutting down? And because we always look forward to our readers’ best interest, we have decided to answer it.

Is Samsung cloud shutting down?

Due to changes in the services that Samsung provides, the business has requested that consumers remove their data from its cloud storage service. Samsung has urged customers to do so. It is recommended that users back up their ‘My Files’ and ‘Gallery Sync’ as soon as possible after installing the update.

Additionally, Samsung warns customers that neglecting to back up their data may result in the irreversible destruction of data saved on Samsung Cloud; nevertheless, why is Samsung requesting that users back up their data? Continue reading to find out more.

Samsung Cloud to be discontinued soon

Specifically, the company informs users about changes to Samsung Cloud services that will take effect in 2021. These changes include the replacement of Samsung Cloud services such as ‘My Files’ and “Gallery Sync” with Microsoft OneDrive, as well as the addition of premium storage to Samsung Cloud services such as “Premium Storage.”

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage system developed by Microsoft. Additionally, Samsung has cautioned customers that all data linked with the capabilities mentioned above will be permanently deleted once the modifications are complete. As a result, customers all over the globe are given a deadline depending on their location to back up their data on Samsung Cloud.

Existing customers will be allowed to continue to utilize their services until July 31, 2021. Gallery Sync, Drive, and Premium Storage Subscription are among the services phased off over time. From August 1, 2021, the current usage of Gallery Sync and Drive will be discontinued. Any cancellation of the ongoing Premium Storage Subscription will result in a refund of the amount paid.

On the other hand, users have until September 30 to download their data. Afterward, any data that has been left on the Samsung Cloud will be permanently wiped.

How to save the data in Samsung Cloud today?

  • Transferring files from Samsung Cloud to Microsoft OneDrive
  • Data from the Samsung Cloud may be downloaded to your storage.

Users may continue to utilize the Gallery Sync and Drive capabilities, which will store data to Microsoft OneDrive, as and when they choose OneDrive integration as the method of transferring their data to the cloud. Users’ data will be automatically transferred from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive until July 31, 2021, with support for this feature remaining in place until then.

Before September 30, 2021, users will download the data to their computer if they want to do so. Aside from that, Samsung Cloud termination will be divided into two categories according to the user’s geographical location. Participants in the automatic Microsoft OneDrive migration in Group 1, which includes the United States, United Kingdom, a large chunk of Europe, and Australia, have until the end of the day to complete their migrations.